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Healthy Habits of the SparkPeople Coaches

Get the Trade Secrets Directly from the Experts


6/25/2010 9:25:05 AM

JPRICE217's SparkPage
Thank you article.I am not alone you some of you were in my shoes at one time.
5/1/2010 4:35:07 PM

BRENDAT666's SparkPage
Thank you, thank you, thank you for this article, it was a great one. I love the real world applications - now I have some inspiration as well.
4/16/2010 10:53:07 PM

This was one of the best articles I've read so far. Makes this whole process seem achievable. Loved all the practical tips. And I am totally making those nachos! Thanks for all that you do. You really are changing lives!
6/20/2009 10:42:11 PM

ENUFF81020's SparkPage
Please continue to do articles like this one and the "Trade Secrets" article from time to time. I enjoyed reading how you are alike and different and comparing the information in here to your blogs and other articles. It is an interesting way to help me link my important information together as I build new habits. You are all awesome. Thanks so much!!
4/16/2009 7:30:57 AM

Thanks, I really enjoyed this article and learning about everyone.
9/6/2008 8:59:04 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
I have a good recipe for granola, but wonder if there is a better one on SP. Want to make it real soon.
4/29/2008 8:15:01 AM

VONKAY13's SparkPage
Nice to read from the experts! You have inspired me to make my own granola. Thank you.
4/26/2008 11:40:30 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.
4/7/2008 2:36:14 AM

It's always fun to find out what other people eat and what they do for exercise, and it's even more fun when it's the people whose "voices" we hear so often. There was also some good information and advice!
12/2/2007 9:27:12 PM

SPARK4LIFE1's SparkPage
11/20/2007 11:43:50 PM

I like that some of our leaders here are vegetarian too. =)

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