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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


1/13/2018 5:09:23 AM

Tsk tsk. So much old-thinking, old hat news.

I am disappointed that you cannot print up progressive and up-to-date research findings.

1/8/2018 8:10:14 AM

12/26/2017 8:26:49 PM

GADGETCC's SparkPage
All is fine and well except when you can't lose weight.

I wanted to lose weight, but my knees were bad and I couldn't exercise. I went to my family doctor and he said that to help my knees, lose weight. Doctors were useless and my triglycerides were going up and I had no way to get them down (no pools where I live and cycling even hurt my knee).

I went to my OB/GYN. She was on a keto diet and doing well, so I tried it. My husband has lost 30 pounds, blood pressure is down and we are getting healthier. I am still working on my knees, but at least I am losing weight (20 pounds so far).
12/15/2017 5:03:43 PM

MIYAMO's SparkPage
Carbs are not usually my problem unless it involves potatoes. I will take potatoes over sweets any day so I really have to measure them closely and any additives such as butter, sour cream, etc.
11/29/2017 6:10:37 AM

Thanks for sharing
10/29/2017 11:16:44 PM

There is so much science to the contrary of this. I wish you would have cited credible sources.
10/28/2017 8:04:03 AM

By experience, I now believe this article to be true. When I cut out all bread, I became lethargic and exhausted. I would try to eat only lean foods: lentils, some nuts, veggies, fruits, and chicken only, and eventually, I felt so tired, it was hard to go on. When I began introducing bread into my diet, just a bit, I began to feel myself again. As long as I don't overeat bread (like I use to), or overeat any starchy carbs and simple carbs, I'm fine.
10/24/2017 4:13:51 PM

DANJODEA's SparkPage
Normally, when I see something like "the keto diet works" I am skeptical. But in a small study in 2004, scientists found no long-term ill effects from a ketogenic diet (
/PMC2716748/). It is also true your body can make all the carbohydrates it needs; there are no essential carbs like there are amino acids or fats. Nevertheless, there are some things to keep in mind.

Young people (high school and below) cannot do a keto diet; their growing bodies and brains need the extra nutrients and calories carbs provide. People with kidney disease should not do a keto diet; it may worsen symptoms.

Cutting carbs too quickly will have several, possibly severe, side effects. It's better to taper them off so your body can adjust comfortably.

Cutting carbs completely is risky; side effects from eating less than 20 grams of carbs a day can be severe.

These diets are hard to stick to. Any plant food is made of carbs. Fiber, a carbohydrate, is useful for healthy bowels. A diet consisting mainly of fats and proteins may be worse for your heart than an ordinary low-carb diet.

There have been no long-term keto diet studies (i.e., longer than a year). After a full year, although the body has adjusted to the lack of carbs, the benefits taper off (as is true of any diet that is hard to balance and hard to follow).

Finally, there is a danger of releasing fat-soluble stored toxins in ketosis. If the process is relatively slow your liver and kidneys can handle it; if it's too quick, there may be poor health outcomes.

In general, following the Mediterranean diet will do just as well for weight loss and overall health - and it's far easier to follow.

My standard warning: if you want to do the keto diet, ONLY do so under the observation of a doctor. Ketosis is fine; ketoacidosis is a serious medical condition that requires immediate treatment - it can cause coma or even death. Don't play with your diet; be serious about your health.

Additional sources:
Mayo Clinic:
Harvard Medical School:
10/22/2017 3:50:12 PM

NANCYPAT1's SparkPage
I prefer whole grains to processed ones
10/17/2017 8:54:15 PM

PWILLOW1's SparkPage
10/16/2017 10:56:26 AM

I hate to ring the bell here but.. there are NO essential carbs, there are essential fats and proteins but no essential carbs.. Don't believe me do some research.... BTW ketogenic diets help with the many long term problems claimed as a result of a ketogenic way of eating...
10/5/2017 9:57:37 AM

WATHENCR's SparkPage
The article agrees with what I have heard through the years here and there. I plan to simplify all this information and just try to remember the "Shoddy Carbs" and avoid them. Along with using portion control on everything else, I should be in good shape on losing weight.
10/4/2017 11:40:10 AM

DGRIFFITH51's SparkPage
We have incorporated a lot of the Keto diet recipes into our weekly meal plans. My husband is a Type 2 Diabetic and the low carb recipes are a benefit to him. As an example we use vegetables in place of pasta and rice, last week we had a sausage stuffed spaghetti squash for dinner that was delicious. This week we had chicken cooked in salsa over cauliflower rice. I found these recipes on Pinterest. I also make a lot of their low carb sweets using alternate sugars such as Stevia and Erythritol.

We still eat whole grain bread, which I make, and lots of beans, lentils and vegetables that are not on the Keto diet.

Incorporated the Keto recipes into our diet has really helped my husband to get his diabetes under control.
10/4/2017 8:34:46 AM

I won't follow this strict of a diet. I believe in a whole foods approach to eating.
10/4/2017 7:19:33 AM

RYCGIRL's SparkPage
unfortunate article . very disappointing

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