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The Truth About Carbohydrates

Not all Carbs are Created Equal


2/26/2009 9:47:55 AM

DAREDEVIL23's SparkPage
It would have been nice to have included *evidence and references* for the negative claims against low carb diets, not just blanket statements.

Although not a magic cure-all these authors don't slam low carb...

# A randomized trial of a low-carbohydrate diet for obesity. GD. Foster, HR. Wyatt, JO. Hill, et al., New Engl J Med, 2003, vol. 348, pp. 2082--2090

# A low-carbohydrate as compared with a low-fat diet in severe obesity. FF. Samaha, N. Iqbal, P. Seshadri, et al., New Engl J Med, 2003, vol. 348, pp. 2074--2081
2/23/2009 2:38:22 PM

Carb limiting is good to jump start and identify problem carbs - agree the Atkins gets a bad stigma as a meat only diet when it is simply about eliminating bad carbs from the palate and reintroducing the good carbs. ++ where is the scientific proof to this general statement article - although i agree with some of it doesn't make it fact.
11/3/2008 4:39:49 PM

This is a VERY good and detailed , yet simplified article on Carbs. Having tried the
KIM KINS diet which is a diet using only 20 grams of carbs a day, I could never go back to that, I was craving my veggies and fruits all the time. It is so much easier to eat a normal well balanced diet.

11/3/2008 2:59:29 PM

Starvibes, I think the problem is in the labeling of Atkins and South Beach. This article isn't biased. Actually, South Beach certainly, and Atkins a bit less, really follows the guidelines in this article (Atkins is a bit more limiting of fruit, legumes, and vegetables like carrots and green peas than South Beach is). Both of these diets should be called "Good Carb" or "Healthy Carb" diets, not low carb diets.

- CindyPsych
11/3/2008 10:06:37 AM

Whatever happened to "Everything in moderation"?
11/3/2008 9:59:33 AM

Eh-hem. I think this article is a bit biased against the concept of "low-carb". I did Atkins for a while, and I find that many people have a false perception of what a low-carb plan really is, and how it works.

I find that many people hear about the first two weeks of Atkins, and they assume that is the whole diet - which it most certainly is not. The first two weeks of a new intensive exercise class will feel like torture for your body, because you are making changes to which your body must become accustomed. After that, it gets much better and you might look forward to exercising. Likewise, after you get thru the induction period of Atkins, you start introducing more and more healthy carbs. Once you reach your goal and get into maintenance, you find yourself eating a wide variety of ONLY healthy carbs. Because you invested the time and energy to go thru induction, you have broken your addiction to unhealthy carbs and find it much easier to make the right choices.

So a diet like Atkins, aka "low-carb", will work wonders if properly researched, understood and implemented. It is not all bacon and steaks; it is an investment in your future.
11/3/2008 8:59:02 AM

KUKANNA's SparkPage
Yes, most of this makes sense. I already eliminate the 'forbidden' carbs, other than freshly-squeezed fruit juice for breakfast, and since I love fruit and veg I have no problems eating 3-5 of each every day.

But 6-11 servings of wholewheat bread/rice/cereal etc seems rather excessive. By the time I've eaten my fruit and veg, some meat or fish for protein, some legumes and low-fat yogurt, and two or three servings of bread/cereal (etc) I'm at my maximum calories for the day.
10/28/2008 4:02:28 AM

PIGLET1979's SparkPage
YEY! Win one for the carb friends! Long live the carb.
10/2/2008 7:24:07 PM

Hmm, when I read to eliminate caarbonated beverages, one of my few "treats" is sparkling water. It is low sodium, so I assume the author meanspop/soda.
9/23/2008 2:56:40 PM

DIN0- This information would not apply to Type 2 diabetics, whose dietary needs are very different. Please refer to our Type 2 diabetes Condition Center for specific information.
9/2/2008 6:49:14 PM

good article but if you are a type 2 diabetic carbs are the enemy. Getting the right carbs such as fiber does help and allows for a more healthy diet but I still have to count every carb that goes in my mouth to avoid becoming insulin dependant and keep my blood sugar low.
9/2/2008 11:56:08 AM

I love the South Beach Diet. It goes hand in hand with YOU: On A Diet by Dr. Oz.

Yes, it incorporates the good carbs. And you can lose weight on it.

Like a previous poster stated, you really need to do your research before deciding how you want to lose weight or which diet you choose so that you can be your healthiest.

South Beach Diet was recommended to me by my Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner back in 2006 as I was diagnosed as being "pre-diabetic."

As of July 08, this year, all of my lab work came back with report saying: "Normal."

So for those that are insulin resistant, or are having a hard time losing weight, you can do it. It also will help with food cravings too.
8/11/2008 1:20:37 PM

65PLUS1's SparkPage
There can not be enough said about eating the right carbs and eating a low carb diet. I recently went into A-fib because of getting deydriated when doing the prep to have a C-scope. It has been hard for me to get back to having the energy to do things around the house. I was't getting enough carbs. The reason for the C-scope was only a routine screening because my mother had colon cancer and I have had a problem with constipation, polyps and diverticulos. No more constipation since SP I have been eating my fruits and vegetables and the whole wheat breads. When I am able to do the C-scope again I am hoping for a good report.
7/13/2008 4:48:09 PM

WHATAGRL42's SparkPage
This article is great for NON type2 diabetics who are NOT insulin resistant.
For those of us who are T2 with IR, bread carbs ARE the enemy. Beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables and some low fat diary carbs are all my body can tolerate, without resorting to an over-resposne of insulin, high glucose, and...... TA DAH....Fat storage.
6/21/2008 8:18:44 PM

DOTSLADY's SparkPage
I have to say I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place on this. I really think my genetics have been triggered by my environment (6-11 servings of whole grains daily). I didn't know it, but grains made me tired and depressed. I was constipated. The doc kept telling me to up my fiber and I did. I ended up with celiac disease (constipation is a symptom btw). I may have been prediabetic for years, I don't know. But NOW after trying gluten-free foods, which are higher glycemic, I've worked my way into prediabetes I think. I've tried to do the Atkin's-type 2 week induction and couldn't believe I was tearing my hair out for blueberries or fruit in general. Soo, I've lowered my carbs - but to tell you the truth, if I have something carby, like gf pasta, I feel great. It's like my body is "home." Low-carbing is hard, but for some people, I fear, it's for life (that's why they gain when they go off). I check my blood glucose now and it's a roller coaster. Low-carb is helping me get my sugars in order ... I hope. I'm under construction. :) Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

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