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Read This Before Starting a Low-Carb Diet


9/5/2017 11:52:40 AM

There's much in here that's wrong. First, a low-carb diet is the BEST diet for diabetes. I beat diabetes two years ago on this diet, and my numbers remain low. I have lost 50 pounds, and this loss lowered my blood pressure. The brain's preferred source of fuel is fat. Just because your body will burn carbs first doesn't mean it's preferred. After all, the reason alcohol is bad for any diet is that, because it's a toxin, your body will burn it first. That's not to say carbs are toxic, I'm just saying burning first doesn't mean your body prefers it. My health and my energy are better than they've been in many years. When you start this way of eating, you WILL probably feel unwell for a few days. In some cases, it can take a couple of weeks. This is your body switching from carb-burning to fat-burning. After that, it clears, and you feel great. I do take supplements to help my body get everything it needs. I will be doing some form of it for life. Once I get to goal, I will add back more higher-carb fruits and vegetables and oats. Being older, it's slow going. The young people lose very fast. But with my diabetes gone and being close to howl, am very happy.
9/5/2017 11:42:11 AM

KNELSON85's SparkPage
I was on a low carb diet and after the first week all of those bad symptoms went away. After 4 months I decided to add starch veggies and 100% whole grain breads. I watched my calorie intake closely and was eating abt 1200-1400 calories per day. I averaged abt 1600 on the LCdiet. over 2 months I gained 2 pounds and decided to go back to LC. I also feel much better on LC and my blood sugars stable -I was "pre diabetic". I have began losing again and feel more satisfied. My labs are better too (my kidney function and cholesterol to name a few). I find this works for me. My MD was not hip on this diet when I began but after seeing the results told me "that this seems to fit my body and lifestyle". Everyone is different but there is more up to date info out there abt carbs. I do total carbs not net cards ..
9/5/2017 10:48:03 AM

Thanks for the information.
9/5/2017 9:39:58 AM

GLORIAZ's SparkPage
Very good plan!
9/5/2017 8:15:45 AM

interesting thank you
9/5/2017 7:34:28 AM

MAVERICK59's SparkPage
Thank you!
9/5/2017 7:09:37 AM

I need to read new articles about carbs, being diabetic, so I don't stray
9/5/2017 7:01:41 AM

LEANJEAN6's SparkPage
This is a good article!
9/5/2017 6:53:55 AM

Great information!
9/5/2017 6:50:41 AM

RO2BENT's SparkPage
It's never just black-and-white
9/5/2017 6:42:39 AM

FROSIA_EST's SparkPage
I've been on low-carb/keto for 1.5 year, and it works for me. I don't have any of the symptoms described by Ms Hand. Instead, I enjoy more energy, better sleep, and very little hunger. The reason I've started this lifestyle was the science behind it rather than weight loss. I've gained about 10 Lbs over the year and am maintaining a stable weight for about 6 months now. My size didn't change though, and I've doubled the weight I can lift. I also can bike 30 miles on empty stomach and don't get dizzy or exhausted. Unlike Ms Hand, I am a research biochemist, and never use words 'truth', 'in fact', 'actually'; instead, I use expressions 'to the best of my knowledge' or 'experimental evidence suggests'. Nutrition should be science-based, not opinion-based. What are your references, Ms Hand?
9/5/2017 6:06:01 AM

JANET552's SparkPage
Great article.
9/5/2017 2:36:34 AM

DOWNES2's SparkPage
Every individual is different. An excellently written overview of carbs. It very sensibly gives you the general facts and information that you can then tailor to your own wellness experience or doctors advice. Carbs would appear to be a very emotive subject, looking at some of the comments here. A very helpful article. Thank you.
9/5/2017 2:20:39 AM

Lived long enough to know how many books have been written about how great this plan or that plan is, decades of blah blah, yet people keep regaining weight no matter which celeb it is that touts this or that plan.....remember oat bran in everything in the 1980's, was the be all and end all, etc. Keto is the current money maker, until ruined kidneys cause another plan to become a fad to make money. Billion dollar business. Because there is more to weight control than what you eat, the mental part is never addressed and the real reason people revert back to overeating.
9/5/2017 12:54:42 AM

LRJUSTUS1's SparkPage
Um, thanks, but no..I'll keep the ketogenic(very low carb diet) that my Dr & endocrinologist recommended, it's shed 160 pounds, no longer pre-diabetic, off all BP meds..and keeping that diabetes that was knocking at the door away.. Ms Hand, though educated, I'm sure, isn't up to date with the research & science going into reversing metabolic disorders...and her explanation of 'ketones'..very poorly done. If you're going to write an article at least have enough respect for the people reading it to get the facts right.

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