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The Truth About Carbohydrates

Not all Carbs are Created Equal


10/28/2008 4:02:28 AM

PIGLET1979's SparkPage
YEY! Win one for the carb friends! Long live the carb.
10/2/2008 7:24:07 PM

Hmm, when I read to eliminate caarbonated beverages, one of my few "treats" is sparkling water. It is low sodium, so I assume the author meanspop/soda.
9/23/2008 2:56:40 PM

DIN0- This information would not apply to Type 2 diabetics, whose dietary needs are very different. Please refer to our Type 2 diabetes Condition Center for specific information.
9/2/2008 6:49:14 PM

good article but if you are a type 2 diabetic carbs are the enemy. Getting the right carbs such as fiber does help and allows for a more healthy diet but I still have to count every carb that goes in my mouth to avoid becoming insulin dependant and keep my blood sugar low.
9/2/2008 11:56:08 AM

I love the South Beach Diet. It goes hand in hand with YOU: On A Diet by Dr. Oz.

Yes, it incorporates the good carbs. And you can lose weight on it.

Like a previous poster stated, you really need to do your research before deciding how you want to lose weight or which diet you choose so that you can be your healthiest.

South Beach Diet was recommended to me by my Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner back in 2006 as I was diagnosed as being "pre-diabetic."

As of July 08, this year, all of my lab work came back with report saying: "Normal."

So for those that are insulin resistant, or are having a hard time losing weight, you can do it. It also will help with food cravings too.
8/11/2008 1:20:37 PM

65PLUS1's SparkPage
There can not be enough said about eating the right carbs and eating a low carb diet. I recently went into A-fib because of getting deydriated when doing the prep to have a C-scope. It has been hard for me to get back to having the energy to do things around the house. I was't getting enough carbs. The reason for the C-scope was only a routine screening because my mother had colon cancer and I have had a problem with constipation, polyps and diverticulos. No more constipation since SP I have been eating my fruits and vegetables and the whole wheat breads. When I am able to do the C-scope again I am hoping for a good report.
7/13/2008 4:48:09 PM

WHATAGRL42's SparkPage
This article is great for NON type2 diabetics who are NOT insulin resistant.
For those of us who are T2 with IR, bread carbs ARE the enemy. Beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables and some low fat diary carbs are all my body can tolerate, without resorting to an over-resposne of insulin, high glucose, and...... TA DAH....Fat storage.
6/21/2008 8:18:44 PM

I have to say I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place on this. I really think my genetics have been triggered by my environment (6-11 servings of whole grains daily). I didn't know it, but grains made me tired and depressed. I was constipated. The doc kept telling me to up my fiber and I did. I ended up with celiac disease (constipation is a symptom btw). I may have been prediabetic for years, I don't know. But NOW after trying gluten-free foods, which are higher glycemic, I've worked my way into prediabetes I think. I've tried to do the Atkin's-type 2 week induction and couldn't believe I was tearing my hair out for blueberries or fruit in general. Soo, I've lowered my carbs - but to tell you the truth, if I have something carby, like gf pasta, I feel great. It's like my body is "home." Low-carbing is hard, but for some people, I fear, it's for life (that's why they gain when they go off). I check my blood glucose now and it's a roller coaster. Low-carb is helping me get my sugars in order ... I hope. I'm under construction. :) Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.
6/10/2008 11:41:01 PM

TESSA_NJ's SparkPage
Contrary to what this article suggests, reputable low carb diets (such as Atkins or South Beach) DO NOT eliminate fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, and beans from the diet. After a brief period of restriction (NOT ELIMINATION), both Atkins and South Beach recommend the inclusion of low glycemic index veggies, fruits and grains, and the elimination of empty white sugar and white flour. Unfortunately, there is alot of misinformation and misconceptions about low carb diets. It is important to do your research before beginning any diet!!
5/4/2008 5:33:05 AM

LISSA2008's SparkPage
I have a carb phobia! I was actually just thinking about this last night, so this article is very timely for me.

I am currently in week one of Fast Break and in tracking my food intake I'm consistently low in carbs. In examining this, I realize it's because I'm simply afraid of eating too many carbs. Some of this is because of all I've heard/read in the last few years as well as a previous diet plan I (unsuccessfully) tried.

The article is just loaded with information and I too will have to read and reread to fully understand the role of carbs. But so far it reinforces in me the idea of "all things in moderation". Our bodies need them but not to excess.
4/23/2008 10:41:36 AM

KAS20062's SparkPage
This article is really true to it's words. I ate carbs and realized that each time I ate carbs I had extra energy and worked more in the gym hence, I lost quite some weight but noticed that with my height and age my normal weight should be between 128 - 130 lbs but thanks to the carbs am able to nourish and enjoy what at first I thought was an enemy to my body.
4/8/2008 5:45:42 PM

This is good for newbies who are starting clean eatting.Get you on the right track.
3/27/2008 7:43:26 PM

Wow! Carbs are most definitely necessary for a well-rounded diet.
3/6/2008 2:25:25 AM

Wow! Awesome article, I really needed to read about this. It explained alot!
3/3/2008 7:59:10 PM

FLEURA's SparkPage
Great article! This explained a lot in a clear and concise manner. Thank you!

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