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The Truth About Carbohydrates

Not all Carbs are Created Equal


3/3/2008 7:59:10 PM

FLEURA's SparkPage
Great article! This explained a lot in a clear and concise manner. Thank you!
3/3/2008 6:54:43 PM

For those who thought they couldn't eat bread, there's all kinds of really great whole grain breads out there now so you can enjoy your bread and get great fiber at the same time. One of my favorites is one that includes flax seeds.
3/2/2008 11:29:02 AM

MLS616's SparkPage
Ya, I was going to say that about the serving sizes.
I imagine they're just very small.

I did a low carb diet once, and I lost weight, but it is extremely hard, and doesn't last.

3/1/2008 12:47:28 PM

This article was very informative for me as I have always been taught NOT to eat carbs. I love vegetables and eat them religiously, but did not consider them carbs. It is very hard after being brainwashed for many years of dieting that I can eat bread ( even grain bread ). I feel like I am cheating when I eat bread and therefore mentally screw up my diet. I will use this article to try and get over the " I can't eat bread " syndrome.
3/1/2008 10:57:22 AM

CHERITA2's SparkPage
JKAREN, at first glance this appears to be a lot of food; however, as you learn what equals a serving, the turn quickly changes. For example, a whole grapefruit or whole banana equals 2 fruit servings, which then satisfies the minimum requirement. Go to to find out more about the correct portions and menu ideas.

I really loved the article and as a practicing RD, I really appreciate that it reinforces what I teach on a daily basis.
2/29/2008 3:10:06 PM

This is a lot of food. I would like to see a sample menu that includes all of these foods.

RULE 1: Include the following in your diet:

Fruits: 2-4 servings daily
Vegetables: 3-5 servings daily
Whole grain breads, muffins, bagels, rolls, pasta, noodles, crackers, cereal, and brown rice: 6-11 servings daily
Legumes, beans and peas: 1-2 servings daily
Low-fat and non-fat dairy products: 3 servings daily
2/29/2008 10:06:45 AM

Thank you for the brief explanation of good carbs vs, bad carbs. I had recently tried to get an understanding of it by researching the glycemic incex. Boy was that mind-boggling! Thus I quickly gave up on the idea of trying to figure out what carbs were "safe".
Your article not only helps me better understand that carbohydrates are not restricted to bread & muffins, but informs me of how those various foods break down.

Thanks again,
2/29/2008 6:22:55 AM

NANCYLEE46's SparkPage
TY Becky for making a complex subject somewhat easier to understand, although, I will have to read and reread to really grasp the concept. Very vital and informative information for me as I have celiac disease. I just wonder if I am getting enough of the proper carbs. due to my diet. Will keep my eyes open for future articles. Whenever I go to my nutrionist, I have information to present to her. I really know how much I learn here because there is not much more she can teach me. She just fills in the questions I have after reading your articles. You are a life-saver to me.
2/19/2008 3:52:54 PM

This article was great! I have a friend that is on atkins right now. In a month she's lost 18 pounds which is awesome but I was tellingher how i know a lot of people who get off of it and gain most of the weight back when they start eating carbs. ALso because your brain needs carbs she becomes extremely forgetful while on atkins. I'm going to share this article with her too.
2/6/2008 1:35:19 AM

DORIGIRL's SparkPage
This is a great article and anyone try to lose or maintain weight should read it. Our bodies were designed to burn carbs and store fats. Why mess with the design? Clear and articulate, the article outlines the significance of carbohydrates in a healthy lifestyle.
1/26/2008 11:02:48 PM

I was excited to read this piece as carbs are really essential for me with a major problem with fatigue and pain.
A low carb diet would be bad for me.
I believe this diet is going to be of great help to me for weight loss and also for my long standing health issues.
1/23/2008 7:33:06 AM

STARCR's SparkPage
Thank you for clarifying where complex carbohydrates can be found. I'm in week 2 of stage 2 of the SparkDiet, and one of my action items is to eat at least three servings of complex carbs per day, but I had no idea what foods they could be found in! After reading this article, I've got a much better handle on it.
12/29/2007 3:51:52 PM

This article really clarified why low or no carbohydrate diets don't work and the problems with them. Also it was good to finally understand how different forms of carbohydrates work within the body.
12/24/2007 5:01:22 PM

CORY957's SparkPage
This was a very informative article

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