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Focus on Power Foods

Pack Your Lunch with Punch


6/3/2014 8:37:50 AM

Thanks for the list! Whole grains a fruits are easier for me to incorporate into my meals, so I'll work on adding the vegetables!
5/12/2014 10:26:06 AM

It's nice to have a reminder to look for sugar in popular food content! However very few of those are actually surprising. it's hardly shocking that sweetened ice tea has sugar.
2/3/2013 10:45:23 AM

RENATA144's SparkPage
I Love this article especially because I already eat these delicious & healthy foods ! Thank you for all of the positive reinforcement !!
5/17/2012 10:57:31 AM

I love these kind of posts or articles. Its a good reminder of what I should be eating and what to replinish in my home!
9/7/2010 8:15:23 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
Wondered what I could eat for lunch today and had oatmeal with raisins and 1 Tbsp. pecans and 1/2 cup soy milk. Very filling.
9/11/2008 2:11:05 PM

I'm really trying to eat better and I love all new ways to go about doing that
8/12/2008 10:02:54 AM

Hello There,
I'm also new to the site and am loving the great tips you share. I will try the frozen bluberries, I can also use them along with other frozen fruits for smoothies. Thanks for all the tips and nutrtional information.
8/6/2008 9:21:24 AM

HEALTHYMOM12's SparkPage
I already eat some of these, It's nice to see there lots more.
8/6/2008 2:30:15 AM

Already a bunch of my favorites. It's good to know I am on the right track...yeah!!
6/18/2008 10:20:42 PM

This list is a helpful start for finding quality food to substitute for the junk that can worm its way into the normal diet. Fish, nuts, whole grains, fresh fruits and's not rocket science, but a reminder helps keep everybody on track. Thanks!
4/2/2008 9:06:54 PM

I'm not sure why raisin bread is on the list, but I do know that most dried fruits are pretty high in sugar. Some are worth eating in moderation nonetheless, because they're still a better way to get fruit into your diet than by drinking juice, where all the fiber has been removed.
4/1/2008 1:07:00 PM

VELIHALL's SparkPage
That list is a great start! The Lord has provided lots of great food for us to eat - I'm especially digging the blueberries on the list. Try freezing them in ziplock baggies and eating them frozen. Our kids love them too.
4/1/2008 4:51:09 AM

Great article has reminded me what I used to eat and why I've gone wrong!!
3/16/2008 3:43:35 PM

Great list to post to the front of the refrigerator. Curious though...Why raisin bread and not raisins?
3/15/2008 3:56:41 PM

THANKFUL_4U's SparkPage
Fantastic list! These are posted on my refridgerator and will be the focus of my families meals.

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