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Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Eat Right, Even When There's No Time


5/21/2017 10:55:57 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I will make a huge batch of steel cut oatmeal or groats and then put it into individual containers and place in the freezer so it is always available - even frozen it can be quickly thawed and eaten in the microwave. I will make a quick egg scramble with veggies and just egg whites (since I have to limit my egg yolks to 2 per week) or make a frittata and cut that into a few servings so I can grab a piece, reheat in microwave when in a rush too!
4/29/2017 2:20:26 PM

JVANAM's SparkPage
Music makes exercise possible!
4/23/2017 12:06:04 PM

Thank you Sparks for all the quick and healthy breakfast recipes!
4/23/2017 11:31:44 AM

LOSER05's SparkPage
4/23/2017 11:23:17 AM

MEXGAL1's SparkPage
What a wonderful article on quick and healthy breakfasts!
4/23/2017 10:52:00 AM

HOLLYM48's SparkPage
I love all these quick and healthy breakfast recipes!
4/22/2017 2:54:45 PM

SEAMUNKI's SparkPage
A lot of delicious ideas. Yum
4/22/2017 9:28:17 AM

Loved the article. These suggestions would make good lunches too. Thanks.
4/22/2017 9:01:20 AM

PICKIE98's SparkPage
So many choices. I love m,y homemade guacamole` on toasted pumpernickel.
3/29/2017 2:27:18 AM

This post has allowed me to break through my biggest obstacle: what to eat for breakfast? Not one thing i wouldn’t eat on this list! I am making them in order and I am on week 4!!! Thank you!!! Find more Breakfast ideas here -
8/7/2016 3:09:55 PM

Make-ahead breakfast egg muffins with lots of veggies can be batch cooked & frozen to just zap. Ditto breakfast burritos. I'm simply not awake enough to cook in the mornings & have come to rely on greek yogurt smoothies or something high protein from the freezer. Good ideas. Thanks!
10/4/2015 8:51:21 PM

FANCYQTR's SparkPage
Since they have now determined that whole eggs are not bad for you the way they used to say, and even in the Sparkpeople trivia it says they are good, why does Sparkpeople always have to eat only the whites? What is wrong with including the yolks in recipes?
10/22/2014 1:35:21 PM

BETHIN_MN's SparkPage
I think these are some great options for people! Before we blast the articles food choices we should remember that many people on here are trying to change some pretty poor eating habits. These are great ways for them to find healthy alternatives. And there are meals on here that I actually eat on a regular basis! I love making my own healthy egg mcmuffins at home!
5/22/2014 10:10:11 PM

on the egg in a basket...we call it an hole in the bucket... don't fry your bread in oil, Cut hole using a glass, butter both sides of the bread and both sides of the hole you cut out. toast both sides of bread and hole in a skillet, after toasted remove, break an egg in the skillet, (you can use pam spray so it doesn't stick), drop the toast onto the egg making sure the yolk is in the center of the hole... use the round cut out hole to dunk into the yolk.. save calories by using lighter ingredients.
3/5/2014 2:54:45 AM

Interesting article however in my opinion many of these ideas have far too many unhealthy food items in them.Whole grains are not all they are cracked up to be with regards to good health and anything wheat based is definitely not good for you.Any how each to their own.
I am a Type II diabetic and would certainly not entertain eating many of these suggested breakfasts as many would provide a rapid sugar spike in the blood stream.
For my breakfast i eat either boiled red or black rice as low glycemic index compared to white rice,then i mix together with chopped onion,capsicum,red kidney beans or black beans(cooked),diced lean bacon,ginger(fresh chopped)minced garlic,fresh hot peppers,sesame oil and himalayan pink salt and ground black pepper and fry long enough in pan to just cook the meat and vegetable content.A bit fiddly but i usually cook enough for two or three breakfasts.As a result of changing to this type of breakfast i have lost several kilos and my diabetes readings have improved. I also find i tend to eat a lighter lunch as i remain fuller for longer and also eat less for dinner.
The idea of this type of breakfast originated on my annual holidays to Bali, as the first time i went, i came home feeling a lot better and somewhat lighter than when i arrived there,purely from eating Asian type foods in lieu of Western type foods

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