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Tips to Stay Full Longer

Beat Hunger and Boost Satisfaction


1/29/2016 10:18:45 AM

JIMINYC's SparkPage
Some of us need to follow low fat diets and I'm one of them. I love broth based soups and all kinds of salads and veggies but I've come to healthy eating very slowly over the past 10 years or so. It takes time to change your tastes and attitudes. I still have a taste for anything creamy and high in fat and that't what got me into trouble in the first place.
1/22/2016 9:06:26 AM

This is very good information. I love all of these informative articles .
7/16/2015 3:46:24 PM

Great article- mostly known info, but always good reminders! Couldn't live a day without salad! Low fat is still a great option as long as it isn't substituted with sugar, and I only use sugar free! Thanks!
5/22/2015 7:56:45 AM

Salads do nothing for me, I am sick of salads, after years of having them pushed at me. Looking at greens and tomatoes makes me nauseous. I eat cole slaw, or regular steamed vegetables, like asparagus, cauliflower , brussel sprouts. Carrots need to be cooked to get nutrition out of them. Bottled salad dressing is good on cold cooked vegetables, I hate homemade salad dressing. I do eat lots of protein. Ezekiel bread is filling, rye bread is not the only filling bread. After years of doing this, a person has to find there own way, is what I'm saying, experts are pushing the boring stuff too much.
2/17/2015 7:28:34 AM

Helpful tips from the article and from the comments. A salad before the meal helps increase the vegetable intake. I have found it helpful to eat a large lunch and a small dinner. And, like others who commented before me, I don't think that low-fat versions of anything are healthy or promote weight loss. I stopped using bottled salad dressings ages ago and make my own dressings, tartar sauce, etc. You can make just enough for a meal or a small jar's worth to last a few days. Tastes better and cuts down on the number of bottles and jars in the fridge.
6/3/2014 11:12:18 AM

TUBLADY's SparkPage
There are some good points in this article. Some I disagree with and will not include in my daily eating plan.
No low fat. No low, or artificial sugar items. Eat healthy fats, avoid others. Would rather eat lean bacon,broiled, than some turkey bacon that's full of additives to make it taste like bacon. That goes for any modified food.
I always start out my day with protein, it gives me the energy to exercise and keeps me full. My one carb might be rye bread, the only kind that helps in curbing hunger.
Lunch is usually salads with a protein. You can fill up on salad greens.
Dinner is more protein and vegetables. Dinner is always light. A fruit snack, like grapes in the evening. Nothing to eat after 9:00pm.
Always try to keep my carbs under 100 grams. Almost no starchy carbs. No oatmeal.
What some people can consume in the form of grains ,is not for me..
I work with a dietitian and see my doctor for a check on my weight loss every 4 months.
I'm comfortable in what I have accomplished and what direction my life has taken.
Everyone has to make their own decision. on the types of food to eat. What works for me, might not be feasible for others.
I commend Spark for the articles and giving us more information . It's up to us to go further and learn more, and either use it or not.
5/10/2014 12:47:47 PM

SUEARNOLD1's SparkPage
Great information. Thanks
I'm going to add the soup concept more.
3/27/2014 4:46:46 PM

I enjoyed this article. Sadly for me sometimes it feels like I am never full. Even with eating fruits, veggies, and drinking water. I have not looked into fiber but I will give that a try. It stinks that I seem to get full off of fast food more than real food.
3/18/2014 7:11:19 PM

GAYLED56's SparkPage
As with Lucsmommy, I am disappointed that Spark is still pushing low-fat & sugar-free. For a health-type website, that is so NOT healthy. What's up Sparkpeople?
2/13/2014 1:32:06 PM

KTRIBE808's SparkPage
I agree with the comment regarding sugar-free and low fat foods. I gave these up as they are usually full of chemicals to make up for the lack of taste. I have LOST weight since switching to full-fat dairy. I also do not patronize McDonalds or Starbucks - I prefer real foods that are not teaming with all sorts of chemical additives and GMOs.
11/8/2013 8:25:17 AM

I am really sad to see Spark still pushing "reduced fat" and "fat free" options instead of regular foods. The crazy crap in those frakenfoods is NOT good for our bodies in any way, and eating LOTS of good, healthy fats is vital to our brain function, skin health, digestive track, etc.
10/28/2013 1:12:43 AM

CBROWN101484's SparkPage
Back when I wasn't paying attention at all to my diet I'd eat so much my stomach would hurt, and then an hour later I'd be hungry again and I couldn't figure out why. Knowing now that I'm insulin resistant (just found that out last year) and know some basics on how food works I realize that I was hungry so soon after eating because I was totally screwing up my blood sugar by eating a disgusting amount of carbs. By cutting carbs and adding a lot more vegetables and protein I can stay full a lot longer, and that's really nice!
10/27/2013 11:51:42 AM

WOUBBIE's SparkPage
You can fill your stomach all you want, but if your cells are hungry they will keep you grazing even when you're stuffed.

Carbs drive a horrible roller coaster of cellular hunger. The lower you go on useless sugar and starch the better you will feel and the less hunger of any kind you will experience. The low fat diet is a fad that has run its course - time to get back to the way nature made us to eat - dump the processed foods and eat fresh.
10/10/2013 3:42:01 PM

AZURE-SKY's SparkPage
I used to eat salad every day for lunch, with fat free dressing. I'd be starving in no time. When I wised up and started using an olive oil based salad dressing, instead of fat-free, I was less hungry. The healthy fat in olive oil slows down the digestive process, and increases satiety. The fat-free dressings are nothing but fake ingredients with lots of sugar. I'll take olive oil any day.
10/5/2013 10:11:44 AM

LISAR333's SparkPage
for me anymore, satiety comes from flavors. I have this garlic chicken I make and I was really craving something yesterday, and nothing in the cabinets looked good.. I still had a piece of chicken leftover from Wed, and I heated that up along with some garlic pasta and some broccoli spears, and it really did the trick. After that, I was fine. I think I could have had anything else and I would have still had that "empty" feeling. I think I was just craving the flavor of the garlic.

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