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Moderation in All Things

How to Avoid the Diet Blues


8/21/2017 9:02:06 AM

I love this particular article - reminds me that life is dynamic and always changing and that it's so important to be moderate in everything. One look at what is happening in the world today gives you and example of that.
8/17/2017 8:21:45 PM

"Progress, not perfectionism" now that's words I needed to hear. Feeling pretty good after reading this. It describes me perfectly. I am a work in progress, and my eating habits have improved since I started Spark. Even though I continue to make some poor choices, I'm making better ones each day. Can't and won't give up my favorite foods, but I'm getting better at balancing them.
8/4/2017 7:46:30 AM

SKABETTI's SparkPage
I am currently within 5 lb. of my goal weight and am disappointed that the emphasis on websites like this and fitness clubs, is on weight loss, but not maintenance. I've lost the weight I wanted 3 times, knew I had to do something to maintain, but didn't find many resources. That's a skill in itself! SP, you need an easy and accessible place (how about a tab?) for maintenance. It's the missing link!
8/1/2017 11:38:03 AM

ABMOVING's SparkPage
I have actually believe this my entire life, that you can eat most things if you do it in moderation. Where I feel like now I'm learning I do have some triggers and cannot eat at all even if I'm trying to do it in moderation. So I think it is a balance thank you for re-emphasizing that.
6/27/2017 6:55:00 AM

Great article!
6/27/2017 2:17:37 AM

PAPAYA6's SparkPage
Very good article about moderation. I have been slipping lately, but I'm not going to let that ruin my progress. It makes me more determined to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle, which is very motivating.
6/7/2017 9:11:34 AM

So many good ideas in this article. I have pinned this to be able to refer to this again and again.
5/19/2017 11:24:57 AM

SPARKLE-IT's SparkPage
This is truth! Having been on all most every diet out there, including diet pills, I can from my own experience that "moderation" is the way to go. However, it must be for life. I've known this for quite some time, but couldn't get my mindset right to do what I know I must do. I have done that now and this change and journey for me may be slow, but it will be for life and I know I'll someday see the results I want. To be healthy and fit in mind, body and soul!
5/7/2017 4:58:48 PM

KB214R3's SparkPage
this is what I need to learn to eat the right portions . very good blog.
5/2/2017 12:14:33 AM

DJ4HEALTH's SparkPage
When I first started to really lose weight is when I gave myself permission to have anything that I wanted but in small portions. That works great. Need to get back to that and I know that after a while that I don't want those.
4/26/2017 9:56:41 PM

After Lent, I let her RIP! But I realize now That if I'm hungry, I need to respect that. Nutrients First! Not go too crazy with the portions of chocolate and chips. And yes! My weight loss journey is not an SAT, GMAT, PCAT, MCAT, LSAT, or other entrance exam! Lol.
4/26/2017 7:22:09 AM

It feels good to have what you want and not always just what your body needs. Your brain has to be happy too!
4/25/2017 12:16:48 PM

LIS193's SparkPage
Great advice..if you have the willpower for moderation. For me it is sometimes easier to completely avoid something rather than go for a "little"
3/17/2017 10:25:33 AM

LOSER05's SparkPage
this is soo true.
2/9/2017 12:06:40 PM

ELSIEO62's SparkPage
2 1/2 years ago I began SP. It was a solid place to reconstruct my health plan. Moderation was at center. It worked and I lost 60#. A devastating health issue caused me to lose my job and I was in intense pain for the next 6 months. Life, cancer, death, travel, living in a tiny berg for a few months taking care of a toddler grandson while moving that family into a new home followed. Arriving home, I was called very unexpectedly to transplant myself into my mom's home for 3 1/2 months when we discovered she was battling dementia. All took their toll. I continued to walk, maintaining much of the healthy food choice/preparation learned at SP. I did regain over 25# but it could have been so much worse. I am now back in contact with computer access and SP. After 2/12 weeks back on track things are looking up and I feel a lot bettter. Indeed, moderation does work and I plan to keep it front and center from here on out.

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