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The Benefits and Virtues of Voluntary Simplicity

Simplify Your Life!


5/30/2018 5:11:24 AM

JEWELZEE-'s SparkPage
I am taking some time off after selling our business and focusing on cleaning out our home of all the unneeded items. It has been very freeing and I look forward to continuing this process.
5/20/2018 2:39:53 PM

ETCH12's SparkPage
Less is more? I'm learning.
3/17/2018 7:31:03 PM

MARITIMER3's SparkPage
I’m so ready to do this, but my DH borders on hoarding.
12/6/2017 1:27:11 AM

LVMS61516's SparkPage
Great article. It really got me thinking deeper into living minimally.
12/5/2017 12:58:49 PM

SASHASMOM1122's SparkPage
This is the way I would love to live it would be peaceful!!! :)
12/1/2017 4:54:40 AM

REESEK65's SparkPage
Good timing for this article. I just recently discovered a website called Becoming a Minimalist and it describes the same things. I have been working on declutttering my life of "life sucking" things and I feel so much better, made some extra money buy selling stuff I didn't need, and simplified my life routines for less stress.
11/30/2017 10:30:24 PM

Amazing how Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount included this same principal. Living by Matthew 6:33 & 34 makes for such a satisfying and happy life!
11/27/2017 12:18:13 AM

Interesting article
11/15/2017 1:19:20 AM

I like living clutter-free. :)
11/8/2017 9:19:37 AM

I read quite a few voluntary simplicity books as part of a class & really took to the idea. I try to live this way as much as possible, especially on a fixed income.
10/20/2017 8:28:53 AM

DEBIGENE's SparkPage
WOW, I had no idea the way I was living had a name. I have never been happier in my life.
3/27/2017 8:41:33 AM

So true...I moved towards a life of simplicity myself. I donated a lot of things I didn't need to charity. I even donated things that part of me felt a need to hold on to but, since I didn't truly need it, I donated so tha someone else could experience the joy of owning it. We can't take anything with when we die. So, don't allow possessions to anchor you to an unfulfilling life. Live life while you have a life to live!
11/13/2016 10:30:22 AM

ARRO-YO's SparkPage
It has been a long journey spanning thirteen years, but my family of four bought land, moved into a 400 square foot cabin and started building a house with our own hands. We paid as we went working on the land and house on weekends and evenings. The first year we did all our cooking outside and washed clothes by hand. Our milk products all came from our goats and we raised chickens, too. Suffice it to say simple isn't easy.

We have gradually added back some "luxuries" but have continued to do most of our labor manually. Last weekend we over seeded our pasture with 200 lbs of winter wheat and rye by hand. I enjoyed the sun on my face and felt like lady bountiful flinging seeds and imagining my goats enjoying the fresh green growth in the dead of winter. Life is an adventure!

11/13/2016 7:43:33 AM

REJ7777's SparkPage
I plan to re-read this article several times so that I can integrate the wise recommendations into my life!
11/13/2016 1:24:00 AM

I had moved from the east coast to the mid west. I didn't hardly take anything with me. I was also in between living in a place "for just now" and a place I really wanted so I didn't want to accumulate anything I didn't absolutely need. It's AMAZING how many things we can easily live without !! I did end up moving back to the east coast to the area I was born. Again in the moving back from the mid west to the east coast,,,, I didn't pack much, hey I didn't have much. Than it was again taking a place until I could get into a place I really wanted. I've been here now for 3 years and about to move to a unit in the building I prefer. So I have had most things packed up. AMAZING how FAST things build up !!

Living a simpler life style is MUCH more freeing !

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