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Our Best Summer Recipes!

Healthy, Light and Guilt-Free


7/23/2012 5:59:14 PM

SINGLED1's SparkPage
Looking forward to tryingthe Roasted Summer Veggies!
7/23/2012 1:56:27 PM

WHere is the recipe for the chicken in the photo?
7/23/2012 11:07:52 AM

FRITZISH's SparkPage
I also want to know the recipe for the photo! That looks so nom-alicious!
7/23/2012 10:50:40 AM

I would like to know that too. I can't find the recipe for the dish. Annoying.
6/17/2012 10:56:00 AM

MONKEYBEE7's SparkPage
Anyone know which recipe is actually shown in the main photo? That is what drew me to the looks so tasty. I am trying to figure out if those are carrots or sweet potatoes and what seasoning is on the chicken. Grilled meals are so tasty!
6/30/2011 8:09:04 PM

excellent ideas!
6/30/2010 9:38:52 AM

Thanks for the great summertime recipes, I can't wait to try them! My favorite healthy treat this summer has been a Green Tea Granita - it's just green tea, lemon honey and fresh ginger frozen into an Italian ice. I found the recipe here:
7/2/2009 7:18:26 PM

I LOVE SP recipes -- trying new things has kept me from the boredom usually associated with "diets" -- and continues to keep me motivated, Thinking about Good Choices instead of "can't have"s, and energizes my time in the kitchen. LOVE the Perfectly Healthy Pasta -- can't wait to try the "Salad" variety!
8/27/2008 12:31:16 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
I love to eat frozen fruit (grapes, strawberries, etc. ) at night instead of chips and cookies.
7/4/2008 11:21:49 PM

Haha, just reading these make me hungry. Many of the recipes are easy and sound so good. Gives me lots of ideas too.
7/1/2008 2:52:14 PM

I wonder if I'll ever make these foods. They look delicious and healthy, but I'm not a good cook/chef.
6/13/2008 9:55:19 AM

This is a great feature to "Sparks." The wonderful recipes keep us interested and " on board." Thanks again
6/4/2008 9:29:21 AM

SARAWO24's SparkPage
This article is great! I can't wait to make some of these, especially the Perfectly Healthy Pasta Salad! :) Thanks!
6/3/2008 6:15:36 PM

ANNEIA's SparkPage
thanks for the good and light recipes. i'm always on the look our for low cal and higher fiber ones.
6/3/2008 4:00:41 PM

I'm looking forward to try each recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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