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The Mega Benefits of Omega-3s

These Healthy Fats Belong in Everyone's Diet


6/10/2017 10:17:46 AM

I've been trying out flaxseed and some other anti-inflammatory foods. This article is very timely. Thanks!
6/6/2017 10:20:20 AM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage
lets hope it helps!
5/27/2017 8:47:22 AM

This is an informational article. Thanks for sharing it.
5/18/2017 9:54:30 AM

Great article on the benefits and where to get them
5/3/2017 11:05:03 AM

JMOBER's SparkPage
This is a great article. We always hear about Omega 3s but this article gives us good ideas of where to get them!
4/14/2017 2:24:17 PM

SUGARBUNS10's SparkPage
Wonderful Article. It makes me want to try out Omega 3s.
4/14/2017 6:36:35 AM

MSLOUIE3's SparkPage
Have Geena taking Omega 3 supplement for a couple of years.
4/13/2017 10:42:09 PM

_CYNDY55_'s SparkPage
Great article!
3/30/2017 5:20:54 PM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Know much more about Omega 3s. Great information.
3/16/2017 2:18:53 PM

What a great article on the benefits of omega-3!
6/17/2016 3:01:00 AM

Good work Liza, Your article is very informative and helpful in understanding the importance of Omega-3 fatty acid. We always connect omega-3 with seafood and found it rare item to eat. You made us clear about its origin and application

Thank you :)
3/29/2016 4:35:54 PM

What an interesting article, so well explained! I knew about the benefit of Omega 3 but to learn details about how to picture the different fat is refreshing. You are a good teacher, thanks for this article, very much appreciated.
1/29/2015 6:15:46 AM

I recently discovered about Omega 3 from Clary Sage Seed Oil. After research, I found out it provides the best Essential Fatty Acid for our body. This vegan & natural product is simply AMAZING!! Really a life changer. Omega 3 from Clary Sage Seed Oil taste great (I sometimes put it in my salad).
This site was very helpful with all the information -
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do :)
10/19/2014 8:13:11 PM

Very informative, I had been taking Omega 3 supplement as an alternative anti inflammatory and helps a lot without worrying any harmful side effects. Than you for this post! it is very simplified.. very easy to understand the information being provided.
4/29/2014 7:13:51 AM

Great info but how about Fish Oil and Krill Oil capsule? How much per day?

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