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The Benefits of Berries

Red, Black & Blue are Berry Good for You!


8/6/2009 9:01:20 PM

CAROLJ35's SparkPage
Had red raspberries on my cereal this morning. Buy lots of blueberries and strawberries too. Just decided I have been economical all of my life and now I am going to enjoy some things for ME, even if they do cost more. Buying them at Sam's Club makes them a little cheaper and they come in big containers so I can share with grandchildren, hubby and family. We all eat lots of fresh fruit salad.
5/14/2009 5:03:05 PM

Love berries, but they have become outrageously expensive.
4/15/2009 8:35:09 PM

I buy extra blueberries & strawberries when they are in season, wash them, & freeze on cookie sheets. When frozen, I put them in a freezer bag & use them in smoothies, mix into yogurt or cottage cheese, or put them into other recipes. I slice the straberries before freezing them.
4/15/2009 10:35:03 AM

I am blessed because I have eight blueberry bushes growing in my yard. I also have a beautiful strawberry bed; And blackberries grow in the field beside my house. There are plenty for jellies and jam, to eat fresh and to freeze. So I am very blessed!
2/2/2009 1:01:04 PM

I HAD NO IDEA of all the "berry benefits". Thanks. Blackberries grow wild all around here, so it's a win-win...fresh air & exercise will picking and all the vitamins and yummies when I eat.
2/2/2009 9:57:37 AM

My favorite berries are blueberries and strawberries, but they're even better when frozen with yogurt! Try it, it's an amazing replacement for ice cream in the summer =^.^= Also, cranberry juice can help fight off kidney stones and other kidney problems- cool, huh?
2/2/2009 8:47:36 AM

I love berries, and try to properly clean, and have my family eat immediately. I try to buy locally to receive the benefit of the phytonutrients. This is difficult since the seasons are short. I also have my family drink Jus (a beverage with berries pureed) to receive great health benefits.
2/2/2009 7:25:42 AM

I agree with buying organic berries and those grown locally are best. Better yet, its not had to grow berries in your own yard. I have strawberries, and blueberries roght now and plan to start some raspberry bushes . they freeze well, not to mention the unbelievable flavor of just picked!
2/2/2009 6:35:38 AM

60SIXTY's SparkPage
I don't buy fresh berries shipped more than 100 miles. the quality isn't good or it is cost-prohibitive. In summer, I will buy from the local farmer's market. We pick our own blueberries at a U-pick farm. I am just running out from last summer, and the quality is still good. I buy other berries frozen.

To the diabetics posting: If you think you can't eat berries, talk to a diabetic educator.

12/6/2008 9:10:13 PM

ALASKAN's SparkPage
why does everything you read or eat have so many calories or have too much sugar? I'm diabetic and I want to eat something with less calories or sugar. I do not eat that many sweets as much as I used to .....I do like all kinds of berries and fruits, so I guess I could eat more of them.
12/6/2008 12:55:17 PM

For health benefits I think it's important to buy organic berries. They're hard to wash, and I've read that Strawberries in particular are loaded with pesticides. I LOVE berries, eat them every day in smoothies made from frozen (organic) berries, and in season I buy them fresh and snack on them. Nice to hear that something that tastes so good is good for you too!!
10/19/2008 7:38:00 PM

I was always a strawberry eater. This summer I added blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. I am really amazed at the amount of antioxidants that they offer. As a breast cancer survivor, I should have been eating them a long time ago. I was eating 10-12 of them at a time but after reading your article, I am going to increase the amount that I eat.
10/14/2008 12:20:49 PM

I love berries, but as a type 2 diabetic I must avoid fruit to keep my blood glucose under control. Sad, as I do love them, but I love my toes more.
9/16/2008 3:59:55 AM

MAGGIELOU4's SparkPage
I love this article, i love berries and i know they are good for you.
7/31/2008 1:12:58 AM

JIBBIE49's SparkPage
Great article.

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