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Eating Well with Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrition Know-How


4/9/2017 12:32:44 PM

CAT-IN-CJ's SparkPage
I am Pre-diabetic and have been solid seeking info. (these articles are from 2007 and there is a lot of new information out there, plus there are conflicting opinions among the articles, making it very confusing for someone who doesn't know which end is up.

I have researched out many the medical links, asking for help only to find that, unfortunately, I cannot see a professional until after I am diagnosed with diabetes . . . because of the billing codes and insurance coverage.

4/5/2017 3:38:41 PM

I am following a plan, developed by me after many sessions of diabetes education, that works for me.

I already knew how I was supposed to eat, and mostly I followed the good ideas, but once a week or so I might try buying some cookies or candy, imagining I could dole them out one a day. As soon as I ate the first cookie I would finish the whole bag! But I kept imagining I could control my cravings. Last fall I cut out all concentrated sugars (including dried fruits, honey, etc.) -- except one ounce of chocolate at the checkout when I go grocery shopping. The first couple of months were very hard--breaking the sugar addiction. Buying the tiny chocolate at the checkout counter keeps me from throwing big sugar sources into my basket.

My blood sugar is near the normal range, and as a side benefit I have lost 12 pounds in 6 months--slow and steady, the way I want it.

I'm having really bad allergies, and I'm going to try a teaspoon of local honey every day. If that doesn't work, if I go on honey binges, I'll give away the honey and try to get on desensitization injections.
3/30/2017 1:46:33 PM

USMAWIFE's SparkPage
great ideas thanks
3/18/2017 7:48:36 AM

The comments section of this article contain more beneficial information than the article. The article advocates the kind of food plan that has made many of us diabetics feel there is no hope for us. Low carb/keto has changed my life and given me confidence I can put diabetes in remission.
9/14/2016 4:19:54 AM

Advocating sodas and artificially sweetened products are incredibly irresponsible! Google is your friend...use it.
8/29/2016 10:37:48 AM

Low carb (ketogenic) is the best thing for diabetes. Sugar is the enemy and you need to avoid it and anything that raises blood sugar: grains, legumes, potatoes, carrots, milk, even fruit. I can have meat, eggs, cheese, heavy cream, almond milk, coconut milk, many vegetables and leafy greens, natural sweeteners like stevia and Swerve. There are lots of low carb groups on Spark. Most low corners keep their carbs down to 20.
8/29/2016 4:08:02 AM

I see a lot of articles on SparkPeople suggesting diet sodas and sugar substitutes. This is very bad advice, especially for diabetics! There are extensive studies that some of these can actually cause diabetes as the body does not know how to process these chemicals. Thank you!
3/19/2016 8:50:40 PM

I have drastically cut the number of carbs I have been eating since I joined Spark and my blood sugar numbers are normal. I can't wait to have my next A1c. My last one was 9.2 and I know it will be better now.
3/9/2016 4:44:40 PM

I'm convinced that lowering my carb intake will help control my Type 2 Diabetes and maintain a healthy glucose level.
3/4/2016 4:40:22 PM

I was able to re-set my Carbs range on my Nutrition Tracker to match the guidelines in this article--this will help me a lot. 8-)
3/4/2016 1:27:46 PM

JWARD199's SparkPage
SparkPeople should provide nutrition plans for diabetics.
12/31/2015 10:17:11 AM

DESTINEE318's SparkPage
I see a lot of articles on SparkPeople suggesting diet sodas and sugar substitutes. This is very bad advice, especially for diabetics! There are extensive studies that some of these can actually cause diabetes as the body does not know how to process these chemicals. Please do more research on these issues because as a dietitian as you could be hurting more than helping some people. Thank you!
12/9/2015 3:02:14 AM

Very Helpful. Thank You.
10/8/2015 9:29:54 AM

CTUPTON's SparkPage
Please rework the diabetic suggested menus. Maybe insurance problems limit what SP can suggest. I am pre-diabetic and need a simple plan to follow. I have been a SP member since 2008. I have lost 40 lbs and I am a habitual snacker! If I can do it (with SP friend support) anyone can. I want to use the SP diabetic food plan but it has major problems. Very bland and boring. Carbs for the day are too high. Not enough protein. There is much info out there for delicious and healthy diabetic meals. Could SP improve this very important menu plan. Please? chris
8/30/2015 8:53:01 PM

ROSES4UN4ME's SparkPage
on our diabetic Group we follow LCHF and diet soda is worse than regular if you have diabetes you shouldn't be drinking any kind of soda and limit your carbs i drink flavored water but it has aspertame or sacrolose in them which isn't healthy either but i can't drink plain water if anybody finds anything better let me know

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