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Meatless Meals Benefit Your Health

A ''Flexitarian'' Diet Meets in the Middle


3/6/2018 8:22:50 PM

AMBER461's SparkPage
An excellent article.
3/5/2018 4:54:40 PM

JVANAM's SparkPage
If you hang out with eagles, you're going to fly. - Steve Maraboli ~ 3/5/18
3/5/2018 9:42:27 AM

PWILLOW1's SparkPage
3/4/2018 9:19:34 PM

Great piece -- also great that you cited Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. They're a fantastic resource for research and options to reduce cancer and heart disease through plant-based diets.

Check out their site!
3/4/2018 5:29:46 PM

MSROZZIE's SparkPage
Good information. I'm eating less beef and eating more meals with beans, soy etc.
2/22/2018 12:23:53 AM

ZRIE014's SparkPage
great information
2/18/2018 7:00:14 PM

GETULLY's SparkPage
Dearly Beloved and I cook many meatless meals without even thinking about it. Along with eating more fish (love grililng it in the summer) it is one of the best things we do.
1/10/2018 9:13:19 PM

I do not have regularly scheduled days for vegetarian meals, but I do enjoy them -- 2 -3 times a week at least probably. It has helped me to find some cooks who like to eat vegan or vegetarian - usually I find that people who love this way of eating know the best recipes.
12/17/2017 2:58:14 PM

TIZSLIM's SparkPage
I've been eating mostly vegetarian for years. I never really think about it unless I'm cooking for meat loving visitors.
12/11/2017 2:17:04 PM

SHOAPIE's SparkPage
Great article.
12/6/2017 8:41:05 AM

Good article
10/3/2017 6:26:07 AM

1CRAZYDOG's SparkPage
so many good ways to get our nutritional needs met w/o meat! We have @ least 2 meatless meals/week. While I don't believe I could go completely vegetarian, I do enjoy our meatless meals.
10/2/2017 7:30:26 PM

Thank you.
10/2/2017 8:42:03 AM

Less meat, more vegetables and fruit, but family and friends notice less satisfaction and then meat binging at some point.....honest truth.
8/17/2017 7:56:49 AM


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