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Meatless Meals Benefit Your Health

A ''Flexitarian'' Diet Meets in the Middle


12/6/2017 8:41:05 AM

Good article
10/3/2017 6:26:07 AM

1CRAZYDOG's SparkPage
so many good ways to get our nutritional needs met w/o meat! We have @ least 2 meatless meals/week. While I don't believe I could go completely vegetarian, I do enjoy our meatless meals.
10/2/2017 7:30:26 PM

Thank you.
10/2/2017 8:42:03 AM

Less meat, more vegetables and fruit, but family and friends notice less satisfaction and then meat binging at some point.....honest truth.
8/17/2017 7:56:49 AM

8/3/2017 10:45:25 AM

KWOOD1955's SparkPage
Might give this a try...
6/27/2017 9:59:33 AM

3/11/2017 10:53:44 AM

4LMHJCR's SparkPage
I am not vegetarian, but most days of the week I don't eat meat. However, I do eat fish a few times a week and I always have lots of fruits and produce each day.
7/31/2016 9:18:11 AM

MARTHA324's SparkPage
We have morphed to a focus on plants and feel much better! It's not that hard to day as they are so many options.
6/19/2016 9:18:35 AM

DEBBEMTZ2's SparkPage
I've done both, low carb, high protein and high carb low protein. It depends on how much you eat. If you over eat too much you'll have weight gain. no matter what diet you choose. The real truth is not to over eat. Everyone is different in size, height metabolism, therefore, you need to figure out no matter what I choose to eat I need to figure out how much I can eat and what foods make me feel good. Look at the food portions in the restaurants or super sizing does a person of 5' 1' need a big mac meal or would a kids meal be really enough. In the 50's, 60's and 70's you didn't see many over weight people why now? I remember portions were not as large as they are now. I see children drinking fountain drinks and eating, candies and chips. That used to be a treat now it's their before ans after meal. We are so focused on diets we need to stop being gluttons.
5/28/2016 11:27:04 AM

You don't save That much money, vegetables have become pricy, too, so don't think eating more veggies and less meat will help you make car payments. And all the vegetables being grown use up the earth same as cattle grazing, look how many fruits and veggies have to come from out of our country right now!! If everyone went vegan, there would be a shortage with even higher prices. Eat what pleases you, don't be fooled by fads....and constant naggers.
5/5/2016 4:33:58 PM

Lorna Sass has some excellent cookbooks, & I'll second the Deborah Madison ones being good.
4/25/2016 8:55:07 AM

BELDAME's SparkPage
You're way better off eating low carb (LIMIT THE GRAINS, guys; the guv'mint has been steering us wrong) and high protein, IMO. Or at least I am. The guv'mint and the American Heart Association has been basing their advice to eat low-fat high-grain on old heart attack studies that didn't control for smokers; until they admit this, I'm inclined not to pay them any mind.
I can give up bread and sweets, but not meat and dairy. I like a nice slab of rare beef way too much.
12/2/2015 12:32:26 PM

Just go vegan! So worth it, regardless of how you were raised or what you are used to. I was raised to eat meals with meat at the center, from burgers to tacos to carne asada (Mexican household) to being able to eat Big Mac combo meals as a young child or footlong Subway subs piled with meat or Whoppers from BK on the regular. I ate plenty of meat growing up, and have been vegan for years now. You CAN cut out meat. I promise you, and you will feel so so SO much better.
12/1/2015 8:06:06 PM

MARTHA324's SparkPage
Over the years I've moved to mostly vegetarian and feel great!!!
Well over half of our meals are vegetarian and we started doing Meatless Monday. It starts with one step!

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