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Meatless Meals Benefit Your Health

A ''Flexitarian'' Diet Meets in the Middle


5/9/2008 11:50:58 PM

This article presents a great idea, but I wish it presents some more non-soy protein options for us who are allergic to it.
4/27/2008 1:38:21 PM

LATEBIRD's SparkPage
Thanks for this article! I don't eat red meat at all, I will eat poultry and seafood and try to eat vegetarian for dinner at least once each week. My breakfast and lunch are usually meat free. It is funny how you tell people you don't eat red meat and they ask "what do you eat?" There is so many options I don't miss meat at all.
4/25/2008 5:10:23 PM

INDIGOSKYE160's SparkPage
I am glad to hear the word flexitarian. I have a word for what I do now. I have no problem skipping meat for many meals. Really, meat is a side for my son to eat at dinner and I eat it if I want to.
4/25/2008 12:23:24 PM

I like that the article mentions that dairy is just as bad as meat. When I became a vegetarian 28 years ago I largely substituted cheese for meat. I'd eat cheese tacos instead of beef. I'd eat cheese chili rellenos instead of fajitas, etc. I didn't really see any improvement in my health until I started to avoid dairy a few years ago. Personally I think dairy is even worse than meat from a health point of view. Avoiding dairy did wonders for my allergies and asthma.
4/9/2008 12:40:25 PM

MEFIRST08's SparkPage
This a good article with a simple approach to removing meat from a eating regime. I have been trying to get meat out of my diet, but so many diets that tell you that the only way to lean out and lose body fat is by adding at least half your body weight in protein-chicken breast and lean red meats. This has been a struggle for me because, although I like meat, I am a picky meat eater. The texture has to be jsut right for me to eat it.

Hopefully, I can soon remove meat totally-I have been eating some meals througout the day without it and all I need to do know is maintain my caloric intake.

1/15/2008 10:54:05 PM

YOLYCUBA's SparkPage
Very good article. May take the advise! Need to expand the menu to a healthier approach.
12/19/2007 11:44:32 AM

BINGHAM37's SparkPage
Any cookbook from Nava Atlas is wonderful and she's got an extensive easy-to-use website. She really tests the recipes and makes it easy on the cook from beginning to end. Christina Cooks is the only vegetarian (vegan) cooking show that I know of that's on regularly... Christina Pirello is fun to watch, very approachable, and makes going vegan seem doable even for me (a cheese addict).
12/19/2007 11:18:23 AM

RUTHXG's SparkPage
I've been eating this way all my adult life, to save money as well as to stay healthy. Normally I eat a bit of meat only at lunch & sometimes when we go out to eat. However, since I've been tracking my food at SP I've noticed that according to SP guidelines I'm low in protein almost every day. I drink milk every morning, have two slices of meat on a piece of bread at lunch, & often have beans, tofu or scrambled eggs at night. Still my protein is low--& often fats are low as well. Lately I've been ADDING a daily ounce of cheese to my diet to make up my quotas. (By the way, we tried Tofurky at an early Christmas dinner this past weekend, & it didn't score with us for taste or texture. Next year we'll go back to free-range turkey.) All that to say, flexitarianism is VERY worthwhile, but you have to watch your protein levels carefully.
12/19/2007 10:34:44 AM

MICHELLELEE150's SparkPage
Good article! Sometimes I forget there are good meals that don't have meat. I gotta look at those recipes....
12/19/2007 10:31:40 AM

Good idea! I love the Meatless Monday website.
12/19/2007 9:34:08 AM

excellent article. I am what I call a quasi Vegaterian. I eat fish and fowl.
12/19/2007 9:20:39 AM

XCSARAH's SparkPage
I think it's a great idea for everyone to cut down their meat consumption... like I tell people, nothing that comes from the animal kingdom contains cholesterol, and most plant-based foods are lower in all the other nasty stuff too.

I lost 40 pounds after converting to vegetarianism and 15 more after going vegan. I found that once I stopped eating meat, I also stopped craving a lot of other unhealthy foods and started enjoying produce more. I imagine even cutting meat consumption in half would really help people along with their weight loss goals! I hope everyone gives it a shot.
12/19/2007 6:49:45 AM

Great article! More people need to read it! Flexitarians, unite! :)

Also, if you're looking for other cookbooks to check out for flexitarian-style eating and cooking, I have always enjoyed Martha Rose Shulman's cookbooks, which are very well-written, with detailed instructions on cutting vegetables. I especially recommend "The Light Basics Cookbook". I learn something new every time I use one of her recipes. She also has a nutritional breakdown of all her recipes.
12/19/2007 6:33:56 AM

MAMA23BEANS's SparkPage
This is the approach I tried before fully converting to a vegetarian diet. I feel wonderful about my health and impact on the evironment and animal welfare. I even got my husband to be a "flexitarian"!!
12/19/2007 6:33:45 AM

MAMA23BEANS's SparkPage
This is the approach I tried before fully converting to a vegetarian diet. I feel wonderful about my health and impact on the evironment and animal welfare. I even got my husband to be a "flexitarian"!!

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