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8 Ways to 'Green' Your Kitchen

Reduce the Waste to Protect the Planet


7/19/2017 9:50:12 AM

7/8/2017 8:31:12 AM

GEORGE815's SparkPage
Some of these could turn into a hobby
4/3/2017 8:44:54 AM

Great information!
11/12/2016 11:21:32 AM

If you don't have a garden, there's no point to composting.

Driving extra miles to shop at a farmers market for organic produce is wasting gas and money. Many of us live in areas where there are no local farmers markets or stores that sell organic produce. The closest apple orchard is a 2-hour drive, and the closest store that sells organic produce is 50 miles away.

I use white vinegar and water to clean my tile floors. They end up cleaner - no film left from commercial cleaning products. Once the floor is dry, there's no vinegar odor. I also use vinegar instead of fabric softener in the laundry. Works great at softening clothes, and there is no perfume odor on my clothes, the just smell clean.
9/25/2016 6:56:19 AM

Used to compost when we lived in the country, but no more in a place in suburbia, not allowed. Buying organic doesn't save that much, it all depends on where you live. Outside of Dallas, organic food costs way too much, isn't REALLY Better, it's been proven nutrition is the same, buy vegetables at your usual store. Don't be a food snob!
7/30/2015 12:31:50 PM

Hi Liza, This article on the importance of incorporating greens to our daily diet is really great. As a child, I always remember my mother telling us to eat all the greens on our plate...hehehe... And it pays. I do the same with my children. Please, do recommend this to your readers and subscribers. Thanks.
12/21/2013 6:14:59 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
I use well water. I drink that. It's great.
7/20/2012 2:41:27 PM

MRSJOCCO's SparkPage
I've had too many things living in or flying out of containers of food I've purchased in the bulk bins (even at the $$$ stores). I'll pay the extra and get the package.
7/20/2012 2:08:12 PM

JULIA1154's SparkPage
CaroleCox - you can always reuse the bags. I keep clean bags in a zip lock bag to reuse for bulk items. When they finally wear out I recycle them, but not before. It's interesting to see how long some of them last!
7/20/2012 9:07:13 AM

BIOMOM's SparkPage
Gnuattitude, I understand your concerns regarding things you would eat raw, like nuts, but things you are going to cook, like oats and pasta, wouldn't be a problem. Any germs transferred would be eliminated. So don't let that deter you!
6/19/2012 8:25:20 AM

I wonder how unsanitary the scoops in bulk food are. No thanks.
6/8/2012 1:10:38 PM

Hi, this is for Panadot. You can easily figure out how much water used by rinsing from the faucet instead of filling the sink. Plug the sink and then rinse from the faucet. You can see how much water fills the sink as you rinse. We often travel in a motorhome and saving water is an issue for us. I use a bowl or pan in the rinse side and fill it as i'm rinsing & then use it to rinse the rest of the dishes. We are able to conserve water pretty painlessly.
5/7/2012 10:21:49 PM

This was an interesting perspective on eating locally that I came across last week, suggesting that economically and environmentally it may be more or less a wash (although there are still other good reasons):
4/29/2012 7:19:30 PM

MSPOOH404's SparkPage
I do use a faucet-mount water filter and reusable water bottles and I do love to go the local farmer's markets when I can. A lot of "eco-friendly" ideas are not exactly "pocket-friendly" and if I have to make a choice, I have to go with my pocket!
4/29/2012 6:14:06 PM

MONICA2052's SparkPage
Actually, Elliminty is not exactly correct. I used to think the same way until I took two Environmental Science classes. The reason to buy organic is not to get "more nutrients" but to save our planet. The nitrates and other stuff that is fertilized in our ground is messing up the ecosystem. Some chemicals (allowed in Mexico) like DDT, are harmful to humans. These chemicals end up in the plant and we eat them. If we don't stop polluting our planet, we may not recognize our planet in less than 60 years!

So while the nutrients remain the same, there are much more important reasons to buy organic.

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