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4/7/2010 9:46:57 PM

On days that I am working, I take either a cereal bar (Aldi's Fruit and Grain Cereal Bars come in a variety of flavors - 140 cal or Aldi's Light and Crispy Vitality Bars - 90 cals) or dry cereal in a baggie with a piece of fruit. I eat a piece of fruit every day on the way to work no matter what. I also drink a bottle of water. I stay in the range of 200-300 calories because I know I'm going to be on a more regular schedule.

On days that I am home (weekend, vacation), I eat a larger breakfast: turkey bacon, a bagel w/ cream cheese or french toast sticks, and rice and juice.
4/7/2010 3:44:03 PM

I definitely need the fuel of a breakfast each day... and always find variety with cereal, eggs, fruit, milk etc...but a tip I'd like to suggest is the vegetarian sausage patties by Morning Star. I am not vegetarian, but this is a healthy alternative to pork sausage, plus I really like the taste! Takes about one minute in the microwave and it's ready! Anyone who has experienced health concerns with cholestrol, should give this a taste-test.
1/30/2010 8:10:11 PM

I love high double fiber whole wheat muffin and a tablespoon of peanut butter with 4 prunes cut up on top. I'm good to go until lunch
1/30/2010 5:49:41 PM

LAWLI56's SparkPage
I don't feel like eating very much first thing in the morning so I usually just have a soft boiled egg with half a piece of toast, 30 grams of cereal with milk or an actimel yogurt drink.
1/11/2010 2:26:54 PM

I always cook more rice than I'm going to need and use some next morning with either dried fruit soaked overnight in skim milk or for a really different but delicious breakfast, or I like adding a bit of instant miso soup and some furikako, an asian topping that comes in various flavours and is granule-like. It comes in foil packets and you only need about a teaspoonful per cup of rice to flavour it. It makes almost a complete meal if you put some vegetables in with the rice. You can also beat an egg with a little water and fry the egg in a non-stick pan till just cooked. Roll it up and slice it very thinly then add to the rice with the furikako. Yum!
12/27/2009 3:11:17 PM

Plenty of great ideas - no need to limit the choice to just "eggs" or "cereal".
10/15/2009 4:10:33 PM

To keep a consistent sugar level and power through a good workout, the absolute best breakfast is a serving of steel cut oats cooked in Silk vanilla light soymilk. Add a sprinkle of some nuts (walnuts, pecans, or almonds) and some fresh fruit. I usually add fresh berries or fresh diced peaches. To save time, cook more than one serving and then divide them into portions to heat up in the microwave during the week.
10/9/2009 7:42:55 AM

SJPAPMOM's SparkPage
i feel this article stresses too many carbs, waffles, bran muffins, etc. the balance of protein is missing and also muffins should be made with splenda if you must have a muffin. many people are sensitive to carbs early in the day. they are best had during dinner. or if had earlier will trigger an awful carb craving all day thereby excluding protein and vegetables. please investigate this further before makin such recommendations.
7/3/2009 9:07:41 AM

How about trying a simple veg sandwich which chutney and vegetables (cucumber , tomato, onion and potato) and if you are grilling the sandwiches you can also throw in cabbage and capsicum.
6/6/2009 7:58:56 PM

Those are all great breakfast's but my favorite has got to be instant oatmeal with a scoop of whey and a tbsp of peanut butter and a splash of skim milk, it's oatmeal on steroids to get my day started off on the right foot.
4/19/2009 10:51:03 PM

Great ideas! Breakfast had gotten boring until I figured out to switch the two meals. Since lunch time is usually on the's easy to munch some dry cereal, scoop a yogurt and snag any fruit. Plus I'm always ravenous first thing in the AM and a lunch item is much more satisfying.
4/10/2009 10:57:53 PM

MAGRAHAM99's SparkPage
Great suggestions! To keep planning under control, I do eggs, oatmeal or cold cereal. But not just any old way, my favorite is 1 egg and whites of 3 eggs with sauteed spinach, red pepper and onion, topped with lowfat cheese and salsa and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla! It's heaven!! My other fave is oatmeal mixed with walnuts, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries, and a little real maple syrup!
1/25/2009 3:42:12 PM

I enjoy breakfast and never skip a day. I have yogurt and 2 slices of low fat bread and coffee. This does it for me until lunch.
1/16/2009 3:37:19 PM

Great ideas! I like special K berry waffles without syrup and a glass of soy milk. I put the milk in a used water bottle and eat the waffles in the car when I am driving to work.
12/2/2008 4:37:43 PM

Wonderful Ideas! I love to pre-boil eggs so I can pop one out in the morning, halve it, wraps the halves in a piece of slightly toasted honey oat bread and I'm ready to go. A tried and true family favorite is grapenuts and cheerios mixed together, always satisfying.

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