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Stop and Chew Your Dinner

The Benefits of Slowing Down & Chewing More


9/17/2017 10:44:33 AM

1CRAZYDOG's SparkPage
That's one good habit I've always had . . . . slow eating!
8/31/2017 3:46:32 PM

BABY_GIRL69's SparkPage
Some times because I am limited to the amount of time I have for lunch or what have you I do seem to wolf down my food. So much so that I almost choke on my food and then that makes me ssssllllllooooowwwww down! ha but not ha...
8/30/2017 10:02:35 AM

SPARKPEOPLE1951's SparkPage
This is a good reminder. I had to eat food in a hurry at my last job we were allotted 20 min. -been retired for 5 years but I can't seem to break that bad habit. I will try eating slower -again. It's not like some one is going to take my food away. It's funny how easy you can pick up a bad habit- and how hard it is to undo.
8/30/2017 8:34:54 AM

MRL444's SparkPage
My grandfather always told us to thoroughly chew our food before swollowing​.
8/30/2017 1:23:12 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.
For, indeed, that's all who ever have.
- Margaret Mead
8/29/2017 8:20:26 AM

Got an idea while reading the article - once the food on the plate, separate into segments, then allow an amount of time per segment, that will support this way of eating. . . I will try this over the coming week.
8/29/2017 8:16:55 AM

MBPP50's SparkPage
Great article
8/28/2017 8:43:52 PM

I need to spend as much time eating as I do cooking or cleaning up afterwards. This makes sense.
8/28/2017 6:43:25 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
My 87yrold mother is ALWAYS after me about this.
8/28/2017 5:54:21 PM

Good article.
8/28/2017 3:55:43 PM

ST3PH's SparkPage
I tell my daughter to "slow down" all the time...she'll practically inhale her food and then turn around and complain she's still hungry...I've tried explaining that she needs to slow down so her stomach will realize it's full but she inhales it anyways...
8/28/2017 11:16:43 AM

Excellent article!
8/28/2017 8:58:39 AM

PICKIE98's SparkPage
I got into the habit when working in the hospital. We had 30 minutes for a break; it took ten minutes to get to the dining room and back to the floor, which left 10 minutes to eat.
8/28/2017 8:40:53 AM

LADYG67's SparkPage
I so needed this today. I have been "inhaling" my food at a rapid rate lately so this was a much needed reminder.
8/28/2017 8:22:05 AM

I needed to read this today!

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