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  • Leave the top box unchecked to keep it from being shared or check the box to submit to SparkRecipes' Shared Recipes Database. Click the bottom box if you want to receive an email when someone comments on your recipe. Then click "Save Recipe."
  • Click on "My Recipe Box" at the top of the page (under the "My Recipes" tab), and your recipe will now appear there.
    How do I calculate the nutritional information for my recipe?
    • Click the "Add/Calculate Recipe" tab at the top of any page on SparkRecipes.
    • Click "Add An Ingredient."
    • Search for your ingredients one at a time, click on the food you'd like to add in the dropdown menu, then enter the amount.
    • Click "Add Food" then continue entering your recipe information.
    I want to share a recipe I found. Am I allowed to do so?
    You are only allowed to share recipes that you created yourself. Please do not share any recipes you found on a blog, in a cookbook, in the newspaper, or anywhere else.

    How do I edit or delete my recipe, or change the shared status of my recipe? How do I unsubscribe from receiving comments when someone comments on my recipe?
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