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20 Nifty, Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Tasty Treats for Picky Palates

-- By Sarah Haan, Registered Dietitian

Let's face it. Kids are hard to please, especially when it comes to food. It's not uncommon to constantly deal with picky eaters and wee ones who want the same thing over and over and over again, and snack ideas are sometimes challenging to drum up. These mini-meals can be a boatload of fun (and a good source of nutrients) for you and your kids.

(Note: Do not give nuts to children under three or honey to children under age 1, and give age-appropriate bites to avoid choking. For more information on age-appropriate snacks, read Tasty Treats for Toddlers from our sister site

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sushi: Bring out your child's sophisticated side with this interactive snack. Use a pizza cutter to trim the crust off a slice of whole wheat bread and have your kids roll it flat with a rolling pin. Spread peanut butter and jelly, jam, or honey on the bread, roll it up and cut 1-inch sections with a butter knife. You can even arrange the "rolls" on a platter and encourage them to use chopsticks. (Secure them together at the top with a rubber band until kids get the hang of them. It's a great way to learn hand-eye coordination.)

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