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Slash Your Grocery Bills: A Dozen Smart and Simple Tips from Food Bloggers

Experts Share How They Eat Well and Save Money

-- By Caitlin Boyle, SparkSavings Contributor

A self-described foodie, Ashley goes weak in the knees for pricey items like avocados, coconut oil, fresh mozzarella, raw nuts, and Nutella. "We love to eat. What can I say?" admits Ashley, who blogs at (Never Home)maker with her husband, Stephen.

Several grocery bills in the $75 to $110 range – "And we typically visit the grocery store more than once a week!"– forced the couple to re-evaluate their spending habits. By sticking to a budget, baking their own bread, and planning meals, they were able to save more than $120 in a month.

Their biggest money saver was enacting a "treats" allowance. "We tended to stash pretty much everything we could ever want into our cart," remembers Ashley. Instead giving into multiple impulse purchases, Ashley and Stephen select two or three pricey splurge foods each week. "By choosing only a couple items, we savor the flavor. Ultimately, it makes the fancy stuff that much more divine. We can look forward to getting our next ‘treats’ the following week."

As Ashley, Stephen, and the following food bloggers demonstrate, it’s possible to spend less on groceries without sacrificing taste or quality. All that’s required is a little planning, knowledge, and creativity. Sink your teeth into these great tips:

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