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Slash Your Grocery Bills: A Dozen Smart and Simple Tips from Food Bloggers

Experts Share How They Eat Well and Save Money

-- By Caitlin Boyle, SparkSavings Contributor

Scour the Discount Produce Bins: "Shop the reduced produce area to find deals of fresh produce. I buy almost-brown bananas and freeze them. They work great in smoothies!" (Tina from Carrots ‘N Cake)

Buy Seeds: "Grow your own herbs! A plant that lasts all summer (or year) costs the same as a single herb package." (Matt from No Meat Athlete)

Enjoy Meatless Meals: "I buy a lot of canned beans and use them as my main protein because they are cheap, healthy, and delicious! I use beans in place of meat in all sorts of ways. For example, you can use cannellini beans to bulk up a pasta dish, top your salads with kidney or black beans to add flavor and texture, and mix beans in with brown rice and veggies and top with marinara sauce for an economical and delicious meal. You can even make a spread for a sandwich by mashing chickpeas and adding a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice!" (Anne from fANNEtastic Food)

Avoid Temptation by Having Your Groceries Delivered: "I make weekly meal plans, so I know exactly what food I need for the week. However, my money downfall is picking up all the ‘special offers’ and sweet treats I see on the shelves around me. So, I looked into getting what I need delivered. There is a small delivery charge, but I save more than that by avoiding the store. I order online on Sunday, and every Thursday, my box of fresh organic veggies, cupboard necessities, and everything else I need arrives. Over time, I've noticed that our food bills are definitely down because I'm buying what we need, not random stuff I want. There's a lot less waste, too." (Rachel from Suburban Yogini)

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