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Healthier Ways to Follow a Recipe

Smart Substitution: Baking Ingredients

-- By Liz Noelcke, Staff Writer

From the cow
Dairy products are also ingredients that can be easily substituted. Instead of regular sour cream, try a low fat version. Another option is yogurt. If you feel the flavor isn’t quite right that way, combine the two. You’ll hardly notice a difference.

Before you pour in the cup of whole milk, take just a second. You’ll be reducing the fat by simply using a low or non-fat version instead. (Hint: you can do this all of the time, not just when baking!)

Cheeses are a little bit trickier. Sample some low fat versions, but depending on the type of cheese that you are using, it might not melt as well as the full fat variety. Different cheeses behave differently when you cut out the fat. Some work and some do not.

Ditch the meat
Substitute vegetables for meat. If a recipe calls for 2 pounds of chicken, reduce this to 1.5 pounds and add in some extra veggies. Chances are that nobody will even notice a difference in the meal. In the end, be creative! Don’t be scared to try out new things in the kitchen, even if it might take a few attempts to get it right.

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