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Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Cold and Flu Prevention, Treatment and Symptoms

-- By Megan Patrick, Staff Writer

Is it a cold or the flu? Our handy charts will quickly help you figure out what type of virus has you in its grip and help you decide how to treat the symptoms. (However, if your symptoms are severe, you may need to visit your doctor.)

Cold and Flu Prevention
hand washing vaccination
regular exercise antiviral drugs
  hand washing

Learn how to protect your family from viruses and other germs and how to safely disinfect your home.

Cold and Flu Symptoms
caused by a virus caused by a virus
sore throat chills
runny nose fever
cough sore throat
sneezing runny nose
hoarseness muscle aches

Discover the truth behind the biggest cold and flu myths and "healthy" habits that might actually be making you more prone to sickness.

Cold and Flu Treatment
rest rest
fluids fluids
antibiotics won't help OTC pain relievers
OTC decongestant antibiotics won't help
OTC antihistamine  

Learn about alternative cold remedies that really work and get tips to boost your immune system.
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