Suzy Tries to Feed the Boys
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The boys have gotten big enough, and there are too many of them, for ne to continue feeding them short order style. My resolution is to create weekly/monthly menus and to stick with them.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
Very Good 4.6/5
(93 ratings)
Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is an adaptation of my favorite slow cooker chicken tortilla soup recipe. If you have the calories to spare, make some tortilla chips in the oven to eat with the soup and top with a bit of sour cream, cheese, avocado and anything else you like! It is very flavorful on it's own, though. Be sure to use high-quality enchilada sauce, as some brands can be greasy. I like to add other veggies in sometimes, such as carrots and squash. Submitted by OUKATIE

Carbs: 11.9g | Fat: 1.9g | Fiber: 2.1g | Protein: 8.3g | Calories: 93.4
Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Very Good 4.4/5
(64 ratings)
Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I got this from the Fix It and Forget It Lightly cookbook. It calls for any diet soda. I actually used Diet Dr. Pepper. I used Kraft Original Barbecue Sauce. Finally, I'm not an onion person, so I skipped them--and used minced onion instead. It was ABSOLUTELY delicious! The only hard part is eating JUST ONE SERVING!Submitted by PEACHJAM6288

Carbs: 12.7g | Fat: 7g | Fiber: 0.4g | Protein: 32.8g | Calories: 248.7
Slow Cooker Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew
Very Good 4.2/5
(6 ratings)
Slow Cooker Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew

Awesome Chicken Stew with a Hint of Indian FlavorSubmitted by SHAWNF37

Carbs: 29.3g | Fat: 3.4g | Fiber: 5.2g | Protein: 41.2g | Calories: 316.6
Crock Pot White Chicken Chili
Very Good 4.9/5
(14 ratings)
Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

Hint: To bring the sodium content down, which isn't reflected in the nutritional info here, I drain and rinse all of the beans. Using 4 cans of beans, at 440 mg. of sodium per serving (3.5 servings per can), I would assume that the sodium content in this recipe is considerably less after draining and rinsing the beans.Submitted by DAHNEESER

Carbs: 29.9g | Fat: 1.1g | Fiber: 9.6g | Protein: 18.2g | Calories: 167.2
Crock pot chicken curry
Good 3.9/5
(10 ratings)
Crock pot chicken curry

Whether or not this is a "real" chicken curry, it's tasty and smells fantastic when you walk in to the house at the end of the day. I serve it with brown rice. Submitted by ELLBEECEE

Carbs: 5.3g | Fat: 4.7g | Fiber: 1.5g | Protein: 47.8g | Calories: 268.4
The Best Crock Pot Pot Roast
Very Good 4.7/5
(7 ratings)
The Best Crock Pot Pot Roast

Fantastic with a green saladSubmitted by HRMOM07

Carbs: 46.4g | Fat: 3.8g | Fiber: 8.9g | Protein: 24.5g | Calories: 305.3
Chicken Pot Pie (Crock Pot)
Very Good 4.3/5
(4 ratings)
Chicken Pot Pie (Crock Pot)

Remastered from the other version avalible here; using lower fat and calorie version of ingredients.Submitted by KHAL5671

Carbs: 19.1g | Fat: 3.1g | Fiber: 3.6g | Protein: 36.3g | Calories: 253.4
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