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Member Recipes for Mojitos

Diane's Mojitos

Incredible! 5.0/5
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Diane's Mojitos

Fresh lime juice and mint add to the deliciousness of this Cuban cocktail.Submitted by: CHRISTINA716

CALORIES: 28.6  |  FAT: 0.1g  |  PROTEIN: 0.2g  |  CARBS: 5.9g  |  FIBER: 0.7g
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Triple-Citrus Mojitos

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Triple-Citrus Mojitos

Combine sugar and water. Tear six mint leaves in half and place into Quick-StirŪ Pitcher; set aside. Finely chop remaining leaves and place into bowl with sugar & water. Zest orange, one of the lemons and one of the limes using Zester/Scorer; add zest to mint mixture. Microwave on HIGH 2-3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.

Slice orange, both of the lemons and both of the limes in half crosswise. Reserve half of one lemon and half of one lime for garnish. Juice remaining lemon and lime halves; add juices to pitcher. Juice orange with Juicer; add juice to pitcher.

Pour mint mixture through Strainer into pitcher; discard chopped mint. Add rum, if desired. Carefully add soda to avoid overflow. Slice reserved lemon and lime halves; place into pitcher. Place lid onto pitcher and plunge gently. Serve over ice.

Submitted by: LESWHO

CALORIES: 195.2  |  FAT: 0.1g  |  PROTEIN: 0.7g  |  CARBS: 35.8g  |  FIBER: 2.3g
Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Triple-Citrus Mojitos Calories

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Do not use Diet Coke. Use Fresca...it is not listed in the ingredients list. Use approximately 8 oz per person. Add 1 jigger of Coconut rum (which was also not in the list) per person. Add club soda to taste, about 2 oz per person. Squeeze cut limes into mix and add the limes as well. Roll mint leaves in palms and then add to the mixture as well.

Again, do not use Diet Coke....sub Fresca which is also calorie free.Submitted by: CINDY1021

CALORIES: 107.1  |  FAT: 0.1g  |  PROTEIN: 0.2g  |  CARBS: 3.5g  |  FIBER: 0.9g
Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Mojitos Calories
Mango Mojitos

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Mango Mojitos

Submitted by: ALPINEFLOWER

CALORIES: 195.4  |  FAT: 0.1g  |  PROTEIN: 0.3g  |  CARBS: 18g  |  FIBER: 0.9g
Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Mango Mojitos Calories
Alcohol-Free Mojitos

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Alcohol-Free Mojitos

Submitted by: LFERGUSON0

CALORIES: 44.4  |  FAT: 0.7g  |  PROTEIN: 14.1g  |  CARBS: 16.1g  |  FIBER: 0.6g
Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Alcohol-Free Mojitos Calories
Jannett's Mojitos

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Jannett's Mojitos

Submitted by: SILVER1110

CALORIES: 202.7  |  FAT: 0g  |  PROTEIN: 0g  |  CARBS: 53.3g  |  FIBER: 0g
Full ingredient & nutrition information of the Jannett's Mojitos Calories