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Recipes I've Shared:

Low carb macaroons

These get their sweetness from the smell of vanilla, cardamom, and cinnamon. A bit of ground stevia contributes.

Protein Omelet

A 2 egg omelet with extra protein.

Seed mixture 1 Tbls serving each

A seed mixture suitable for mixing with yogurt. Since SparkRecipes doesn't have these seeds in their database, the nutritional information relies on what other members have entered.

Almond Flax Egg Hot Cereal

If you're low-carbing and missing hot cereal, this resembles cream of wheat in texture and flavor.

Yogurt Starter (lasts forever)

This creates a mother yogurt starter for feeding subsequent generations. Make this starter then use 2 T of it to make Gen 1; use 2 T of Generation 1 to make Gen 2; By Gen 5, the slight taste of pepper will be gone. If cared for, this can last for years.

Breakfast Protein no soy (1 muffin)

A low carb but somewhat high calorie breakfast muffin

Veal Stew with chicken broth

A tasty veal stew made with chicken broth. Easy to assemble and cook

Red Cabbage and Tomato soup

The tomatoes and juniper berries will serve to sweeten the taste of the red cabbage even more.

Tomato Soup

Easy to make; easy to add chopped celery or corn off the cob after you blend the ingredients. Not low carb (20 per serving) but low enough to use if the rest of the day's food is considered.

Baked Granny Smith

The granny smith apples are tart and go well with the sweetness of brown sugar and cinnamon. Add nutmeg, walnuts, or cranberries to change up the flavor. If your diet allows, a spritz of cream is lovely.

Banana Ginger Bread (serving = slice)

Adapted from
Grammy Cooks Banana Bread

Pumpkin rugelach (3 pieces or 25% of the whole)

My mother used leftover pie dough to make "piggies". These were any combination of ingredients rolled into a spiral and sliced.
I like the very flaky texture of Trader Joe's frozen pie crust with the pumpkin. Comes closer to the airy flaky dough of the real rugelach dough.

Mirepoix (serving size = 1/2 cup)

Mirepoix is not stand alone and can be stored ready for use once cooked for well over a week.

Blackberry puree dessert

Almost any pureed fruit will do. Sometimes fruits have an enzyme that will cause the gelatin to never set. You can cook the fruit puree first to eliminate the enzyme. Baby food works well in this dessert but may be too bland with out the addition of something like lemon or orange zest.

Cream of Celery Soup

Easy cream of celery soup

Stoplight pepper soup

An easy and delicious pepper soup

Lentil Rice Stew

Quick and filling dish with lots of optional possibilities.

Celery Soup

Season with salt, pepper, sesame seeds. Add cream at end.

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