Recipes I've Shared:

3-Bean Turkey Chili

Low Sodium, Flavor-Full, Rib-Sticking - a delicious way to help you reach your daily Dietary Fiber goal. I've made this many times - it is pretty much a fool-proof recipe - consistently good!

AllisonO's Chicken Fajitas

Plan your weekend meals - AllisonO's Chicken Fajitas and (from leftovers) AllisonO's Chicken Quesadillas for lunch!

AllisonO's Chicken Quesadillas

Did you like AllisonO's Chicken Fajitas? Now use the leftovers to make a KILLER chicken quesadilla for lunch next day!

AllisonO's Skinny Slaw

Healthier because it's made with YOGURT! MMMMMM! Low fat, low sodium, sugar free, DELICIOUS with Grilled Chicken & Vegetables

Very Good (37 ratings)
Chicken Osso Buco

Lite and healthy version of Veal Osso Buco