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Recipes I've Shared:

Broccoli Francaise

I have also subbed vegetable broth for the chicken broth.

Buckeye Bars

As graduates of The Ohio State University, it's hard to get through tailgate season without some form of Buckeye candy. Until I work out something that I can eat, this is what I make for my family & guests.

Ham & Cheese Enchilada Bake

I have also made this in a crockpot; low setting, 3-4 hours. The sodium is higher than I would like, but as we are generally fairly good about watching it we do okay with this dish on occasion.

Layered Summer Salad with Chicken

This makes a lovely presentation; great for a brunch or gathering on the patio.

Layered Sundried Tomato & Artichoke Spread

This is beautiful & elegant in presentation. I have not tried it with non-fat cream cheese, but if it was very well chilled, I think it would probably slice okay.

Lemon & Basil Green Beans

Please read the ingredient list thoroughly; there are some subtle differences between what is listed for sake of nutrition vs. the way the item is presented.

Turkey Brine

The recipe converter was not very easy to use for this recipe & I am completely unsure about the nutrtional values... the sodium looks exremely high & I don't know how much the bird absorbs in the brining process.

Chicken Thighs with Tomatoes, Olives & Capers

My family is very fond of this. I rinse the olives & capers to remove excess oil & saltiness. A serving is 2 thighs & @ 1/4 cup of the tomato mixture (adapted from Cooking Light)

Stuffed Whole Roasted Talapia

Had to fudge the receipe list... this uses fennel bulb, rosemary & oregano sprigs

Recipes I've Rated:

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Soccer Mom Survival
Soccer is a year-round sport in our household, which means planning ahead & making quick, nutrious meals that my family will love & won't make me crazy in the process. And now that my son is wrestling, well, nutrition is even more important.
What a Crock!
Because the crockpot IS the weapon of choice when time is out to get me.
Decidedly Different Dining
When my spouse & I were college students, the university dining hall featured special meals one or two Fridays a month. We tried to go as often as possible, and always felt like it was a night on the town. Now we can get that feeling at home, without the added calories.
Party Possibilities
Just add friends, music & a reason to celebrate. It's Tuesday & my son's homework is done? That's a reason *S*
Just Desserts... I got mine; did you get yours?
Revenge (on the scale) is sweet indeed. Not ALL of these are that great for me, but still... as long as it's once in a very great while, it's okay to indulge as long as I do it wisely.
Brunch Munch
Brunch was always my favorite weekend repast... and now it can be again!
Super Supper Sides
The main attraction deserves an outstanding supporting cast
Sneaky Snacks
I gotta' sneak a couple of snacks in every day, but they don't have to ambush me (Photo: Vince C "in his office", with help from Andy)
Ha-ha Holidays
The joke is on you, scale :-) (2006: In Gram Adele's kitchen)
Lunch Crunch
(Mostly) easy on the time & waist
Sumptuous Salads
Go ahead & make your entrees green with envy... add some great green stuff (and red, yellow, orange, and purple) to your bowl.
holdover file
just a place to hold on to recipes before I decide where to store them or if I'm going to make them again.
El Amor Que Sabor Latino
Our son, Gustavo, was born in Ecuador. We had the very great joy of adopting him when he was just a year old. He is the love & pride of our lifes. We love the cuisine from the Latin American countries we've visited (or hope to visit!), as well.
Kitchen Staples
The weapons in every good cook's arsenal.
Littl(er) Italy
A lighter take on Italian fare
Here, fishy-fishy-fishy-fishy...
Far East? Far out!
Drinks are (not) on me
Picnic Basket
It's Grill Time