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Banana & Sugar Toasties

Turn on your Sandwhich toaster so it heats up.
Then take 4 slices of bread out of a loaf.
Next peel 2 Bananas.
Then slice them up.
Then layer them on to the bottom slices of bread.
Next put 2 teaspoons of Sugar on top of the bananas.
Then put the top slices of Bread on top of the Bananas.

John & Mary's Angel Delights (The Parents of Melanie & Helen Large)

Measure a pint of milk into a jug.
Open the packet of Angel Delight & pour it into the jug.
Whisk the contents until nice & thick.
Meanwhile get 4 dishes placed in front of you.
Divide the Pack of Meringues 1 crumbled into each dish.
Saving the 2 left for later on.
Next divde the tub of Raspberries, into the 4 dishes.
Layered on top of the crushed Meringues.
Next put the 2 remaining Meringues crushed up, divided between the dishes.
Layered onto the Raspberries, & pour over the Angel Delight mixture.
Divided between the four dishes.
Place in the fridge to chill for 2 hours.
Then later on enjoy 1 dish.
Saving the others for another day.

I like to have this with a nice mug of tea.

Melted Cheese

I try to have this once a week, preferably on a weekend, this is nice with a cup/mug of tea or even a glass of wine.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese is easy to do.

Incredible! (1 rating)

This dish is made with onions, cheese & potatoes.

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