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Recipes I've Shared:

Monkey Milkshake

No milk in this wonderful 'milkshake'!

Vita Potato Cheddar Bake

This is a variation on the recipe from Vitamix for Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake. I am leaving out the ham.

Don't Pare Pie

A delicious winter dessert that you can make year round.

Fruit Punch Smoothie

Delicious and lower in carrbs

Zucchini Lasagna - no noodle version

I was looking for a recipe on for no noodle zucchini lasagna and found one that I slightly adapted. I make this with Boca Crumbles but you could use ground beef or turkey.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Breakfast Beans, from 30 Day Diabetes Miracle

Here is a protein side to have with breakfast. I usually have this when I am having eggs.

Crispy Tuscan Kale

Anne Burrell made this on TV the other day. I could not find Tuscan Kale so I used already chopped kale. Tuscan Kale has long leaves almost like Romain. Come to think of it this might work with Romain!

Very Good (1 rating)
Spicy Sweet Potato Chips

I saw Bobby Dean do this on his new show. It looked like a winner to me. I made enough for 2 servings which is one sweet potato and adjusted the spices for my taste.

Barley and Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash

A hearty dish, perfect for a cold winter's night.

Kale Chocolate Smoothie

This is a variation on Dr. Fuhrman's chocolate spinach smoothie.

Slow cooker Potatoes & Cheese

I had a quart of potatoes left from last year, a small amount of cheddar cheese and some garlic flavored olive oil and this is what I did with them.

Almond JOY Milk Shake

I make this to drink and it is delicious!
DH thinks it tastes like an almond joy!

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffin or Bread from MTNGRL

This recipe is modified from the Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking cook book & meal plan.

EmilyBrontes Salmon Patties with Lemon Sauce

This recipe is from the Healthy Calendar Diabetic Cooking by L. Rondinelli.

Emily's Cauliflower au Gratin

This recipe is from The Ultimate Diabetes Planner by J. F. Higgins. You can lower the calories by using non fat and low fat cheddar cheese mixed and also use whole wheat flour. Both of these were in the original recipe.

Emily's Simple Stuffed Mushrooms

Low fat and meatless mushrooms

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