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Recipes I've Shared:

High Protein Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich, High protein egg white breakfast sandwiches with whole wheat english muffins. Try a healthier make at home version of the fast grab and go breakfast. Using a muffin tin to cook the egg whites allows you to make from 1 - 12 sandwiches at a time without the messy clean up of a frying pan. If you are cooking for 1 or 12 this is an easy way to make a healthy fast breakfast without stopping on your way to work.

Asian Steak Salad

Steak injected with soy sauce and hoisin, grilled and coated in sesame seeds then draped over greens dressed with olive oil and orange juice mixed with ripe tomatoes. Cut down on the high carb and boost up on the high protein of an asian style marinated steak while getting your veggies with a sweet and flavorful salad mixed with tomatoes and sweet white onions. If you plan to inject your steak with marinade you will need a flavor injector.

Black Bean Tacos

Lean and mean tacos filled with black beans cooked with your favorite salsa then topped with cottage cheese accompanied with an asian style coleslaw. Packed with protein from the black beans and topped with an added boost of lean protein from the cottage cheese, these tacos make an ideal post work out meal. You will also get to flavor the beans with your favorite salsa, whether you like it hot or mild, its up to you.

High Protein Shake

High protein shake with almond butter, milk, banana, dates and your favorite protein powder. A great pre or after workout protein boost. Protein is essential for muscle recovery from exercise. Bananas are high in potassium which aids in maintaining proper nerve and muscle function. This combination will ensure you do not waist your efforts at the gym.

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