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Recipes I've Shared:

Weekly chili

this is to make a pot of chili that will last for 4 days

Chaos Cookies

This is a raw/vegan cookie that is healthy, not too sweet and great for anytime snack

Spicy Vegan Burgers

This is an incredibly delicious and nutritious vegan burger resipe

Ginger Shot

This is a very good way to improve health

Peas and turkey

This is wholesome filling dish that gives solid good calories

light and homey pizza

This is a better alternative to pizza with low calories

super juice

This juice is for a cleansing 5 day ony on juice

Healthy Juice

run it all through juicer and drink

Chicken apple salad

A refreshing salad , low in calories high in nutrition.

Healthy morning BLT

A healthier version of the BLT

Breakfast salad

A deliscious and crisp morning salad that is high in energy adn low in calories

Breakfast Wrap

A deliscious and haelthy sausage wrap for breakfast

ham hock and bean soup

nice ham hock and bean soup

chicken on salad

THis is a refreshing salad with chrick breast on top.

casey's taco pizza

junk foor my son loves

sweet oatmeal dessert

a nice dessert treat

chicken thigh and veggies

a healthy and tasty meal

Rice and sausage breakfast

A high energy great tasting breakfast. I treat myself to this when I have had a good week.

stove top tuna casserol

a quick and easy recipe

Tom's steak salad

a nice meal to relax with. Comfort food.

Jacks frozen cheese pizza with veggies

a quick pizza with fresh veggies on top

zzucchini spagetti

a delicsious spagettie made with zucchini for low calories and high nutritional a raw dish

sunny smoothie

a deliscious smoothy with a fresh nutty taste

Tom's Fruit Leather

This is a very healthy snack. Kids and adults love it and it has a great long life in the fridge.

tom's sunny salad

a salad made with sunflower greens and tuna. High in protein and low in carbs and fat. Also tastes great.

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