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Recipes I've Shared:

Scottish Shortbread

My grandmother was from Airdrie Scotland and this is her recipe.

Cauliflower Risotto

This is a very nice substitute when watching your carbs. It has a wonderful taste. Be sure not to cook the cauliflower too long.

Mayo Free Potato Salad

I was looking for a recipe without the mayo.

Bokchoy Breakfast Scramble

We use the first 4 ingredients from our garden. This is so fresh, tasty and truly filling.


this is not the girdle scone, it is more like a biscuit

Margharita Pizza - less than 300 calories using flatbread

I make this for a veggie day dinner. I use a combination of cheeses, not always muenster as I like parano sprinkled in as well. But I do not go over one ounce. Have your cheese sliced thin or shredded

Homemade Potato Salad with Eggs

I do add about 1 tablespoon of pickle juice

Soup - Diet Vegetarian Soup

I used this soup as an appetizer before meals to curb my appetite. This soup is basically free on WW. It is also good if you put in refrigerate and blend in your blender for a quick 'veggie smoothie' - kind of like gazpacho.

Tuna Salad

I use a slice of bread mixed in to extend the servings and to reduce the fishiness of the tuna flavor.


Perfect with tea or coffee to end the day and not that high in calories and fat.

MAKEOVER: Scalloped Potatoes RECIPE - full fat version (by EMINSOL)

Full Fat Version - I make this for holidays, so I needed to have my version on hand in order to track because I do love this dish. I generally use the skim milk version if it is only myself and hubby and I reduce the amount. But I know I am going to eat this! I hope you enjoy, this is true Scotch/English recipe.

Chicken Vegetable Soup

This is a slow simmer soup, and we like to put it over very skinny noodles and have a slice of french bread for dipping.

French Toast

use without added sugar or butter

Linda's small dinner salad

Not extravagant, but I like this with my dinner. I calculate my blue cheese homemade dressing with Greek Yogurt separately. Just a bit to give it pizzazz.

Mama Lin's Chili

This is a hearty chili that is quick and easy. The number of servings is dependent on how you eat it. We like to put the chili over a baked potato, noodles or rice. It's yummy and great for cool evenings.

Honey Mustard - Gingered Chicken Wings

Serving size is 2 wings. The serving size of 2 wings gives you 4 pieces.

Egg McLinda

LOW CALORIE, HIGH protein and HIGH fiber breakfast

Greek Style String Beans

This freezes well in an air tight container for about 2-3 months.

Blue Cheese homemade dressing with Greek Yogurt

Same as my other blue cheese dressing, but I was searching for a lower calorie and higher protein.. I added 1/4 more buttermilk to this one and it popped it up to almost 25 servings (these are heaping tablespoons, using my regular tableware) - I think enough for my salads and I don't think it sacrificed any taste at all.