Recipes I've Shared:

Peruvian Mayacoba Bean Bowl

Not a very inspiring name - but really good, hearty, vegan, winter fare

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Like tapioca with a little crunch - a fun way to use these very healthy seeds

Slow-cooker Oatmeal with sweet potato

I made this with plain water and only 5 cups. Other recipes use 6 - but I felt it was too thin - you could substitute milk for some of the water and whatever spices seem good.

Vegan Mock Chopped Liver

You can use a can of green beans instead of steamed fresh ones

Hoisin Tofu with Eggplants and Red Peppers

I used baby eggplants so I don't salt them, etc. cut them up small enough that they cook through

Broccoli Slaw with Apple Cider Dressing

Original recipe also added 3 tablespoons sesame seeds; I had this on a vegan taco - corn tortillas, daiya pepper jack, hickory smoked tempeh and avocado

Green Goddess Dressing

just blend everything together - if making massaged kale salad - just pour this on and massage - delish

Greek Pork Chops

Delicious and quick family favorite.......leftovers are great in a pita or wrap

Mediterranean Muesli

use mix of chopped dried fruit and chopped almonds