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1 Carb Bread

4 servings - 1 net carb per serving

Farmers Scramble

Use 1 cup fresh spinach or cup frozen, thawed and squeezed dry in place of the mushrooms.
Use 1 tablespoon diced green chilies, roasted red bell pepper, fresh thyme, fresh oregano, or fresh sage in place of the parsley.
Use chicken or steak in place of the bacon.

Chocolate Pudding w Soy Milk & Flax Seed

This is my attempt to make a quick and semi-healthy dessert. It doesn't gel as well as it would with dairy milk but it does satisfy a major chocolate craving.

Chicken Salad w Cabbage

This is a low cal way to enjoy chicken salad. And using Trader Joe's prepared chicken salad keeps this recipe quick and easy.

Cilantro Chive Tuna Salad

I like to use green onion, but amazingly the Spark People database doesn't have fresh green onion!

Brown Rice Pilaf with Veggies

A nice way to enjoy a rice pilaf and get some extra veggies in. I often add 1/2 cup of this veggie pilaf to boxed soup.

Freeze Dried Fruit Medley

Great for an after dinner snack or a breakfast on the run.

Whole Wheat Burrito

This is the basic burrito or quesadilla recipe to which you add your own veggies. I like to make it a burrito because I can roll up lots more veggies in a burrito than in a quesadilla.

Tomato & Cheese Whole Wheat Toasts

This is a perfect little snack or a nice addition to a salad for lunch in place of a sandwich.

Turkey Slaw w/ Yogurt Dressing

This is one of my favorite go-to recipes when I need to make up a batch of salad in anticipation of a few busy days ahead. This keeps for 2-3 days in the fridge.

Multi Grain Cereal with Fruit & Soy Milk

This fruit packed bowl of cereal will fill you up with filling you out.

Low Calorie Vanilla Soy Milk

This is a lower calorie way to enjoy regular soy milk.

Soy Cappucino Misto

When I can't make it to Starbucks, this drink fills the void.

Cauliflower Mint Salad

In this recipe low calorie cauliflower stands in for the higher calorie grains that are usually used in this type of salad.

Braised Artichoke

This is a fantastic way to enjoy one of the most decadent vegetables around. If you don't believe me, wait until you get to the heart of it :)

I've listed this as a side dish (and in that case one artichoke would be 2 servings) but I often enjoy the entire artichoke as my main dinner entree.

Brie Spread - Low Cal

This is a way to "have your brie and eat it too".

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