Recipes I've Shared:

meatloafy meat balls

Very close to original meatloaf made with meat

Lower sodium spaghetti sauce hack

Make a good sauce healthier by adding tomatoes with out salt plus some great taste enhancers

Mockmeat loaf

Working very hard to duplicate meatloaf made with beef. Getting close!

Basic meatless meatballs

Versatile, change the spices and have sausage flavor.
Slice them and add to pizza!

Scalloped hash browns and green beans

Green bean casserole meets scalloped potatoes.

Karen's Vegetarian enchiladas

a satisfying recipe without meat

Karen's black bean and corn salsa

Quick, easy, tasty and a hubby favorite

Garbonzo patties

Thrown together leftovers turned into tasty entree

Breakfast on the go casserole

Take to work for a nutritious breakfast. Microwave or bake in oven.

chicken meatballs with celery and onion

Food processor makes this a quick and easy entree

bagel chicken pizzas for two

2 pieces for a meal, 1 piece for appetizer

Sausage potato omelet

Great use of left over sausage and potatoes

Casserole with chicken black beans corn and tortilla chips

Fry in oil, add a little water; smoosh and eat

black bean burgers

Tasty vegetarian way to use leftover beans

skinny latte

I make these at home and at work. I use a milk frother to foam the heated milk. Yummy

Quick and Easy pasta sauce

This is a red sauce I make in the skillet after browning meatballs in 1 tablespoon olive oil. Quick and Easy!

Meat balls ala Karen

Great in tomato sauce, or mock swedish meatballs etc. very basic recipe.

Hobo stew with ham

Lots of canned food, so rinse the beans. Use frozen limas and corn. Great with ground beef in place of ham

Crustless quiches

Real egg version of SB Quiche Cups to go. I recently found silicon baking cups at IKEA. Very easy to grab one cup to take to work.

Cafe vanilla

Poor man's vanilla latte

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