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Recipes I've Shared:

Tasty GF flatbread

GF bread that actually tasted pretty good. It's great toasted if you have a wide-slot toaster or toaster oven. It can also be sliced in half for sandwiches.

High protein flax/almond waffles

Nutrition is per waffle. I usually have 2.

Chia buckwheat crepes

Crepes without eggs! Could be vegan if plant protein powder is substituted for whey. Single crepe recipe. It has a nutty, hearty taste. Filled, I wouldn't want more than one. Multiply for more.

Low Carb, high protein Crepes

Variation on the Eades' recipe. I use eggs, white, greek yogurt and protein powder. This version is for one serving of about 3 crepes. Easily multiplied. This is just the crepe. Can be used for savoury or sweet filling.

black soybean brownies

Trying to lower the carb content of my favourite brownies

Chocolate chia pudding

This is higher in natural sugars than I what usually eat, but as a treat it still has a lot of healthy ingredients. The chia seeds have a little crunch if you eat it right away. If left for a few hours, they soften I think. Chia are high in protein and a gelatinous food that helps regularity. With the probiotics in the yogurt or kefir, this has good stuff for your digestion. A simple, no-cook recipe.

Oat Quinoa Seed breakfast mix

Steel cut oatmeal punched up

gluten-free "italian" rustic bread

Adapted from the Gluten-Free Italian Cookbook. I leave out some ingredients and add others for a slightly darker and to my taste more flavourful loaf. You can add onions, garlic, rosemary for savoury flavourings, if you like. Make great toast.

House trail mix

Needed more accurate nutrition count for trail mix as we actually make it. All nuts are unsalted.

kamut bars cherry 1

I was looking for a way to cut costs and control ingredients for protein-rich snack bars. This one uses Kamut puffs cereal, but it would likely work as well with brown rice puffs if you're gluten-free. Kamut digests more easily than wheat but does contain a small amount of gluten. It also has 20 to 40 percent more protein and 65 percent more amino acids and is also higher in vitamins and minerals.

Tofu avocado chocolate pudding or topping

Creamy pudding or use as a topping. You can't taste either the tofu or the avocado.

microwave black bean brownies

No flour fudgy brownies easy to make. I use agave in this recipe, but you could use artificial sweeteners instead--be sure to adjust liquid if using dry sweeteners. I don't like it too sweet, so you may need more sweetener if you do.

Shrimp Po' Boy Salad Asian twist

craving a po boy sandwich, but not wanting the bread, I made it into a big salad, and used my Asian-inspired cole slaw as the base.

blender tropical pudding or "ice cream" dairy free

Tofu and avocado make a wonderful dessert or snack--when blended with lime, papaya and sugar free coconut syrup. If you have a strong blender (like Vitamax), freeze the papaya cubes for a soft ice cream-like dessert.

Multi muffin mix

Mix this up ahead of time and keep a jar in the fridge for an easy high-protein muffin.

Easy Tofu blender pudding

Silky tofu, some avocado, cocoa, and banana, with a few other ingredients in a blender and mmm creamy! If you are lactose intolerant, you can omit the whey protein or substitute rice or soy protein powder.

Gluten-free black bean brownies

Easily made with food processor. Makes fudgy brownies

High Protein Buckwheat Waffles

Waffles made with buckwheat flour (no grains), eggs, cottage cheese, even beans (ignore the brand)