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Recipes I've Shared:

Nonna's homemade barley salad

If you love barley, you can add whatever you like. This one is a bit on the heavy calorie side. If you leave out the avocado you will have eliminated 250 calories.

Nonna's Ham and potato hash

Each of the main ingredients were leftovers from big family get-together. I like this better that roast beef or corned beef hash. Adding the poached egg gave me a very full tummy and I had no desire for snacks before lunch. I put this as a breakfast item, but you can make this for whatever meal you prefer!

Nonna's individual fritatta

Made in a small iron frying pan and placed in broiler for final touch for a filling and delious breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Dad's Crummy Chicken

This meal was named by an eight year old. His mom made this for church suppers and it was a family favorite. Easy to make. Just add a salad and your are good to go!

Nonna's fast and super easy open roast beef sandwich

This filling sandwich when served with a side of your favorite salad or vegetables is the fastest way to take away those hunger pains! Want to make it for the family? Just add a slice of thick roast beef and a slice of toast for each family member and pour a little gravy on top of the roast beef.

Nonnie's "Crab" or "Lobster" Salad

This special treat is made with imitation crab or lobster meat . The fish used is pollack, but is made to resemble and taste like either the crab or lobster. Not a bad substitute for the real thing budget wise!

Armando's Caribe Lobster Tacos

You will have to experiement to get the proper taste like Armando's (in Gwinnett Co. GA) but for calorie count only I added this to recipes.

Nonna's pasta salad

A nice use of left over cooked shells or other pasta shapes.

Chocolate Egg Cream Soda (made with Bosco)

A childhood memory of sitting at the counter of our local candy store and savoring my summer favorite drink!

Nonna's Open Face Cucumber Sandwiches (with sour cream)

This easy to make cucumber sandwich used to be a hit in my tea room. It was the most asked for sandwich. I used to cut it into shapes but you can leave it as one piece to make sure you know how much you really consumed!

Nonnie's Banana Smoothie (no sweetner/sugar)

A fast refreshing breakfast on the go.

Slow Crockpot BBQ Pork Chops

The longer it cooks the softer and more flavorful the meat!

Nonna's fruit smoothie - no milk

Just fruit and a little ice and water for this refreshing breakfast drink

Nonna's EASY lemon pepper chicken

When you use FROZEN chicken tenderloins, it creates a nice juice and keeps your chicken moist!

Papaya and Watermelon Smoothie

This delicious summer drink taste wonderful and, because there is no milk involved, has all fresh ingredients, (no canned fruit) it shaved off a bunch of calories!

Nonna's Easy Meatloaf

This is one of the simplest meatloaf recipes ever! You really can't mess it up! -Want to add more flavor? Just change the ketchup to one of the many different flavors of BBQ sauce.