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Recipes I've Shared:

turkey vegetable hotdish

Great way to use up left over turkey. Goes great with some homemade corn muffins.

Dry Cream Soup mix

Control the sodium and fat in your cream soups. Make your own using instant dry milk(replace with soy powder for a dairy free option.) Just use this to replace your recipes that calls for canned cream soups.

Carrot Zucchini nut muffins

Here is a moist muffin great for a snack or add a fruit and it's a great meal on the run. Could also be nice treat to that sunday brunch. Plus you get some veggies in with anyone being the wiser.

vanishing low sugar oatmeal cookies

A moist cookie using applesauce and less fat. Sweetened using splenda sweetener. Only sugar is from sweetened carob chips. My husband and Son love the taste of these cookies. They could not tell it didn't have real chocolate chips in them.