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Guacamole green salsa

Tomatillo and avocado salsa, guacamole style.

Platanos con crema y canela

Classic Mexican dessert. Normally, people add sugar, but I enjoy it without sugar, so this recipe has no sugar added.

Baby Spinach Salad with Orange and Almonds

The original recipe calls for mandarine oranges, but navel oranges were on sale. Also, the recipe calls for pomegranate kernels, but I didn't have any. Also, it calls for goat cheese, but I also didn't have it, so there's the lean version of another salad, and it also tastes really well. I didn't miss any of the ingredients that I didn't use.

Ginger acorn squash soup

The original recipe calls for one shredded carrot to be cooked along with the leeks, but I don't add it. I always forget. Also, you can forgo the chicken and just add broth. When my son finds chicken in the soup, he's happy to eat it.

Spinach and onion stirfry

Spinach and onion stirfry, easy!

Carlos's best ham sandwich ever

This is just my son's latest creation. It may not be very low calorie, but I couldn't eat the whole thing in one sitting anyway.

Honey glazed Baby Pork Ribs with roasted baby potaoes

Okay, it's not really low calorie. I cooked this delicious ribs, and there was nothing like this in the food data bases, so I decided to create the recipe here. Guilty pleasure, it is. Anyway, here is how this delicious and high calorie dish is prepared.

Carlos' style home made burger

Get Carlos or one of your children to read Drizzt for you while you fix dinner, or better off, ask him to create the most amazing burger ever. Just don't tell him it's healthy because he won't make burgers anymore, and you'll have to make them yourself!


The tools are important to achieve the best results.

First, you need a child, friend, or partner.

Second, get a good tool to make a thin patty. We use a tortilla press with two sheets cut off a silicon baking mat that fit in the press, but alternatively, you can use any other tool that lets you flatten the beef patty as thin as you can but without it breaking.

Before I got the silicon baking mat that I cut to the size to fit the tortilla press, I used two sandwich-size Ziploc bags as they fit in the tortilla press. My mom used two pieces cut out a plastic bag. As you see, it's good to be resourceful.

If a tortilla press is not available, use your hands as a press.

Third, get an iron skillet or use your barbecue grill. We've tried different pans, but the best results are achieved with the iron skillet or the barbecue, and these items are easier to clean than non-stick pans (!). Besides, my son feels more manly using an iron skillet, and I feel more trendy.

Third, get a cooking mat or board large enough to handle a good bunch of lettuce and a sharp large knife.

Fourth, make sure the environment is nice and inviting.

Now, let's get our child cooking, or let your child get you cooking.

Microwaved Egg muffin

Easy and quick, and simple.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Black beans with lean ground beef

MIld, delicious and friendly to delicate stomachs.
It's ideal to spread on a toast, or mollete, and to stuff tacos or buns.

Very Good (1 rating)
Tuna with cilantro and yogurt dressing

My cilantro and yogurt dip is a delicious substitute for mayonnaise keeping the creamy texture without the fat and sodium and adds flavor.

Cilantro and yogurt dip

This delicious dip doesn't need salt, sugar, or any other additive. It's flavorful and delicious.

Barbacoa Estilo Michoacan

Even though the recipe is a family secret for those who make it, this recipe is a good guide to have an idea of what you are eating when you have this delicions barbacoa. Feel free to try and guess what the real recipe is.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

The Way the Food I Like Should Be
I like my food to be tasty, pretty much like a banquet. I love restaurants because of the ambiance, lights, and cuisine. The only problem has always been portion size and what is hidden in the food. Well, I'm just making those same recipes but using healthier portions and ingredients.
Good ideas from good fellows