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Variation on HH Apple Jack Smoothie

I love the Apple Jack Smoothie from Happy Herbivore...this was removes the date and adds a tablespoon of protein powder

Almost Vegetarian Black Bean, Corn, and Jalapeno Enchiladas

Almost because I used cheese. This was made with the homemade Happy Herbivore enchilada sauce.

Irresistible Brownies

From I changed the ingredients a bit to make it a little healthier, but it's by no means fat free or low calorie.

Bread Pudding

Simply easy bread pudding made with fat free evaporated milk

Cleo Coyle's Maple Vinaigrette

Maple can offer a smoky-sweet note to many dishes. In this salad dressing, it serves as a sultry substitute for honey.

Buffalo Chicken Thighs - Cooking Well (September 2011)

One of Cooking Well Magazines Budget Recipes - $2.22 Per serving
Play up the buffalo theme with a side of celery sticks and light ranch dressing.
(The sodium is a bit high on this, so I would recommend a lower sodium hot sauce)

Quick Corn, Beans, and Diced Tomatoes

I had some leftover Blackeyed Peas and Corn in the fridge so I whipped this up! Nothing fancy, but fast!

Grilled Scallop Salad

From Cooking Light: August 2011

Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon

Simple recipe-preparing the pineapple is the most difficult part of it all, if you want to call it that! Really tasty and satifying to the sweet tooth!

Bob's Red Mill Organic High Fiber Pancake and Waffle Mix (Prepared)

Since the package only shows accurate information for the dry ingredients, this is just the an easy way to track it when it's prepared.

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