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Recipes I've Shared:

Rice, Seven Grain with raisins

The original recipe called for 1/4 cup of raisins. I used 3/4 cup. Could combine raisins with cranberries, also. I did and liked it.

Artichoke Chicken Thighs

You can add Kalamati Olives also, but I didn't figure them in because Bud doesn't like them.I left them in the cooking instructions, just in case.

Rice Custard Pudding

Nice layer of custard on top like my Dad used to make.

tofu stroganoff, low sodium

mushroom soup not calculated in nutritional info because its my homemade no sodium recipe, so you need to add that if you're counting calories

Bread:Honey/Oatmeal/Whole wheat

low sodium, low fat

The original recipe for this bread did not have the egg or the white flour, and it is a very dense bread that doesn't rise very much, but it is absolutely delicious, especially with peanut butter and banana. I wanted the flavor but a bit lighter and higher for sandwiches, so the changes I made work for that, but I still love the original for breakfast!

Zesty pumpkin soup

I've never tried this with my 'no sodium' chicken broth, I used the low sodium broth, which isn't very low, as you can see.

Mandarin Chicken Breasts, lower sodium

Crock pot meal. For 3-6 Qt pot.
We all liked this a lot. .Since making this I changed the ketchup to low sodium, haven't tried it yet. Using regular ketchup puts the sodiun at 481mg/serving.

Incredible! (1 rating)
pork, barbequed (low sodium)

Low sodium, crock pot
You might want to increase the Worcester sauce to 2 tsp, and I have also added mushrooms to this at times. It goes well with brown rice.
We get 8 servings from this, but if you have hearty eaters you might only get 6.

strawberry jam, refrigerator jam, low cal. ( 2 Tbsp= 1 serving)

The original recipe says that this jam does not use a jel, the strawberries contain enough pectin to make it jel. It did NOT jel for me, so I added a box of gelatin, that worked.


Pair with turkey or ham, use on sandwiches instead of mayonaise, use as topping on waffles. This is low sodium.


Low sodium butter cookie, Belgium origin