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Honey Wheat Everything Bagel

Love bagels, hate the calories? Here's a healthy version that you can make at home for less than you can buy a fresh bagel at a local deli. And they are a full sized bagel, not just a smaller version of the same recipe.

Beef and Bulgur Stuffed Peppers

Just a few ounces of extra lean ground beef for flavor, mix in some healthy mushrooms and bulgur for fiber and you've got yourself a healthy but flavorful stuffed pepper. Top it off with a half slice of pepper cheese and you have all the flavor you need.

Creamy Chicken Piccata

Here's a wonderfuly rich and healthy chicken piccata made with chicken broth, and plain yogurt. At only 450 calories with the pasta per serving and only 10 grams of fat, it's a dish that will keep you and your family happy. Serve it with a nice green veggie like steamed broccoli or kale and you have a complete and well balanced meal. It's sure to satisfy and nobody will know it's healthy....unless you tell them.

Chick pea salad

This is a wonderful and simple salad that can stand on it's own or as a side dish with almost any meal.

Maple Cheese Peach

A quick and healthy dessert. Only 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes and you can have a fresh and healthy dessert.

Harvest Apple Cake

With less than 4 grams of fat and nothing but flavor you can't go wrong with this cake. As an added bonus it only sports 107 calories for a nice sized portion. Just goes to show you, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Orange Broccoli Slaw

Here is a very light broccoli slaw dressing with just a hint of citrus. It goes well as a side dish with fish or poultry.

Sweet and Sour Glazed Salmon

If you love glazed salmon, but find the sodium content too high because of the soy sauce, then try this very low sodium glazed salmon. Balsamic vinegar replaces the soy sauce and orange juice and brown sugar cut the tang and add a nice swetness to the salmon.

This is a healthy and quick four ingredient recipe that is sure to be used again and again.

Healthy Roasted Garlic Hummus

oasting your garlic just adds another demension to this healthy and tasty hummus. By reducing the amount of tahini and using olive oil and sesame oil you reduce the calories and fat content. It's a great alternative to fat laden dips and spreads and only takes minutes to prepare, if you plan ahead just a little bit.

Barley and Veggie Stew

This is a thick, healthy stew with the added bonus of being high in fiber. It is flavorful and filling without being high in calories and can be served as a meal just by adding a salad and bread.

Healthy Grains

Quinoa and bulger what could be better, or easier. Plus it's a great way to get your fiber.

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Simple Summer Squash

If you have a garden or friends who have gardens chances are you have an abundence of summer squash. Here is a simple, quick and easy recipe to help you use up your surplus. If you're cooking for a large croud this recipe is easy to double or triple.

Garlic Alfredo Sauce

Heres a quick and easy Alfredo Sauce to serve over pasta or as a base for white pizza. Chances are that you have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

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Whole Grain Chicken Salad

Here is a wonderfully versital dish that can be served hot or cold. It will do just as well at a pic-nic as it will for a formal dinner. It's fairly quick and very easy to make. If you can boil water, you can do this.

This recipie can be changed in so many different ways...make it vegetarian by using water and no chicken. Add different veggies, olives, zucchini, carrots,peas, or what ever you happen to have on hand. You can add cheeses like feta or parmesean. Just use what ever you have and enjoy.

Healthy Granola Biscotti

Satisfy your craving for CRUNCH with these healthy granola treats. With less than 4 grams of fat and under 80 calories per serving, you really can't go wrong. Your family will never know that these are a healthy snack, and you won't feel guilty about letting them enjoy this wonderful, wholesome cookie for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just for fun.

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Sweet Rewards At GardenG8s
This is a collection or recipes from friends, family and other sources that highlight healthier desserts. You shouldn't have to deprive yourself of a sweet treat just because you want to eat healthier. I hope you enjoy these recipies as much as I do.