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Recipes I've Shared:

Fried Ground Beef Wontons

I do not use salt so please salt as you wish. Try some sweet and sour sauce with these!

Low sodium marinara sauce with meatballs and garlic bread

This is for a full meal of meatballs,marinara sauce and parmesan garlic bread. No noodles in the calculation.

Very Good (1 rating)
Indian Butter Chicken Remix

The original recipe was called 6-ingredient Indian Butter Chicken by RAIN454. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful recipe. I am just putting the additions and alterations that I made so that I do not forget.

Very Good (1 rating)
Flavorful Low Sodium Marinara Sauce

I love pasta but with my blood pressure there was no way that I was going to waste so much of my daily quota on bottled pasta sauce. This was an easy and rich sauce. I added a tiny bit of parmesan cheese to my pasta and it was perfect.

Chicken salad on Sandwich Skinnys or Arnolds Sandwich Thins

4 chicken salad sandwiches on Sandwich skinnys/Sandwich Thins. No salt for me but everyone has different tastes!

Super Easy Garlic Mushrooms

Super quick and yummy addition to a meal

Chicken Marsala without wine and lower sodium

I do not consume alcohol so I added more broth to my recipe to even it out. Lowered the sodium count a bit too.

Mushroom Bacon Burger

Juicy mushroom burger. I do not use salt in my cooking so this is a lower salt choice each burger weighing in at about 367 mg of salt. That is also including the bun.Not the best but not bad for a burger with bacon on it. The bacon gives me the salt that I want.

Very Good (1 rating)
Steak and Cheese Pocket Thins "Pizza"

Steak and Cheese a little healthier version.Not the best stats but something to enjoy once in awhile. I use leftover flank steak and I do not use salt in my cooking but of course you may season however you like. There pizza sauce on this either but still works for me.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

This is a low fat gumbo that is slightly altered from Hungry Girls Chicken and Sausage Gumbo because I was missing a few ingredients that were required. There are also two choices of how long to cook these but I was only allowed to enter one number so I chose the longest time. Super super yummy and great with rice.

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"Junk Food"