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All-Rounder Tomato Soup (81 Calories!!)

An incredibly versatile soup that has a little bit of everything - vegetables, wheat products and dairy, plus there is a variety of color in the ingredients which means more vitamins! This is a very hearty soup that doesn't have any meat or excess fat to thicken it! Tomatoes are also an extremely low calorie food and is the bulk of this recipe, so this hearty soup ought to fill you up without the guilt of calories, but the pleasures of nutrients!

And in only 5 minutes of your time!

Wholesome Orange Muesli Muffins

A nutritious breakfast in one!
Light and fluffy citrus muffins that cleanse.
Fruit, dairy, nut, whole wheat and oats and healthy oils.

You may substitute sugar for honey. Yoghurt flavour can be of any choice. Fruit yoghurt with visible fruit chunks is always best.

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Whole Meals
A selection of foods I composed over time that I designed specifically to meet the daily vitamin and nutrient requirements. I hope that maybe it will help you as well. A lot of these recipes I make are often made with whatever I have to work with in my limited pantry too!