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Hot Chocolate Fudge Mini Cakes

based on "Simple Chocolate Cake Recipes - Sassy, Saucy, Simple Recipes just like you!" by Kristie Chiles. the muffin size is nice after a Sunday dinner

Honey Me Up Chicken

from "Crockpot Chicken: Recipes and Beginners Instructions" slightly tweaked for my taste

Sweet Soy Sauce Chicken - crockpot

as from "Crockpot Chicken: Recipes and beginners instructions"

Christmas Glazed ham

tweaked from recipe on
/glazed-ham- to allow for gluten free

Really Rich Chocolatey Muffins

Ultimate GF, LF chocolate muffin. Based on a recipe from with my own tweals

Berry Berry Nice Smoothie

Dairy and gluten free smoothie. You might want to play around with the water amount as this is the thickness that I like (suck through a straw!).

Berry Berry Nice Smoothie

Dairy, gluten free and yummy. You may want to play around with the amount of water, this is the consistency I like it to be (sucked through a straw!).

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hjess19's tried, tested & liked
i have to have a gluten, wheat and lactose free diet. i'm a picky eater which doesn't help and i don't like the texture of most fruits and veggies! i'm logging the tried and tested recipes as they are made, frozen and reheated to expand my palate!