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Recipes I've Shared:

Pumpkin Peanut Butter and Pear Smoothie

creamy, yummy nutritious treat anytime of the day..

Fruit and Veggie Protein Smoothie

This smoothie has a serving of fruit and veggies in every cup.

Tammy's Tasty Trail Mix

Just the right amount of sweet and salty..

Breakfast Power Smoothie

Just the right blend of fruits, veggies, dairy and carbs to start your day off right.

Tropical Spinach Protein Smoothie

Very good. Could not taste the spinach at all so you could bump it up if you wanted to.

Tropical Avocado Smoothie

This is so good and just a little tangy plus you don't even taste the avocado so you could always add more if you liked.

Strawberry Granola Protein Smoothie

This recipe contains 20g whole grain, ground flax seed and pecans from the all natural granola that I used plus it is very cream and good.. My 4 yr old liked it better then his juice when he tasted it.

Spaghetti My Way

I used v8 and hunts spaghetti sauce with whole grain pasta. For a light and healthy spaghetti..

Beef and Pork Meatloaf w/pumpkin

Very tastie meatloaf made with beef and pork and incorporated with pumpkin.

Bowtie Pasta with Sauce

You get a full serving of veggies with this one.. and its in low sodium and fat.

Chicken and dumplings

You won't have to forfeit Mom's chicken and dumplings again. Skinning the chicken before you cook it deeps the calories and fat in check, making it kinder to your waistline.

Peanut Butter Soup

By: Michelle Chen

"An interesting and exotic soup that's also very rich."

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Recipe courtesy Claire Robinson

Foodnetwork Show: 5 Ingredient Fix

Caribbean Chicken Strips & Rice

Calories 347

Fat, total(gm)5
ed fat(gm)1
Dietary Fiber, total(gm)5
Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet

New and Improved Magic Muffins

this is a Whole Wheat, reduced sugar alternitive to the original Magic Muffins by Malt-O-Meal. My kids love them.

Delicious Chicken Broth

Dificulty: Easy

Good for:Lunch | Dinner | Liquid | Low Carb | Low Fat

Creamy Dreamy Pumpkin Soup

Difficulty: Easy

Good for:Lunch | Dinner | Puree | Low Carb | Low Fat | Special Occasions

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

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Healthy Home made muffins that your kids will love.
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