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Recipes I've Shared:

Spicy Tomato Basil Soup

A slow cooker recipe that is healthy and comforting!

Homemade Protein Bars (Banana Oat)

An awesome, healthy, protein packed snack that you can pack up and take on the go. You can replace the banana with other fruit for desired flavor.

Protein Smoothie

An awesome breakfast that you can also take on the road. Manipulating the portions of the ingredients will allow for more protein or calories.

Protein Shake and Fruit

Another easy breakfast and snack. Throw a scoop of protein in a shaker bottle with some optional cinnamon, nutmeg to taste. Add water when you are ready for your snack. For breakfast you can use milk (8 oz adds about another 150 calories, 8 grams of protein and 13 grams of carbs). Shake and enjoy with a piece of fruit.

Protein Shake and Mixed Nuts

Another easy to go snack. It doesn't get much easier than a protein shake and a small handful of mixed nuts.

Greek Yogurt and Mixed Nuts

Grab a Chobani Greek Yogurt (any flavor) and a small handful of mixed nuts for an easy, protein packed snack.

Cottage Cheese with Berries

A delicious snack that tastes like desert with berries, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Cheeseburger and salad

A classic cheeseburger and bun with a side salad.

Chicken and Veggie Stirfry

Chop your chicken, add your veggies, cook and add to rice for an easy, tasty dish.

Grilled Haddock, Asparagus and Sweet Potato

A trio of grilled food that is delicious and healthy.

Steak, Salad and Quinoa

A nice combination of beef, salad and a quality carbohydrate known as quinoa. You can replace the steak with chicken, turkey, etc and the quinoa with brown/wild rice (quinoa is superior) and still have a healthy meal.

Chicken Breast, Veggies and Sweet Potato

A great combination with some of the healthiest of options. Your lean, white chicken breast can be grilled (if marinated add nutrition for the marinade), baked, etc and the veggies (mixed vegetables in this case) are great steamed with a baked sweet potato from the oven or my favorite, the sweet potato on the grill.

Ants on a Log

An easy to make and take snack. Packed with healthy fats and protein, as well as being a tasty treat and classic.

Tuna Wrap

The easy to make Tuna Wrap. Just throw the ingredients in the wrap, package and it is good to go. You can have a side salad, green beans, piece of fruit etc to compliment the wrap

Meat Stew

This stew recipe is healthy and delicious and can be used with beef or chicken. Great for a cold day. You can add more ingredients for larger serving size.

Nice and Thick Chili

Here is one of my favorites from my mother. Nothing better than a homemade chili, and its pretty healthy to boot. You can also replace the beef with chicken or turkey to reduce calories.

Spinach Salad and Chicken Breast

A spinach salad with lots of raw veggies and chicken breast. You can replace the chicken breast with other meat such as turkey breast, pork sirloin, steak, etc. The caloric intake will be a bit different. Also you can use a different dressing but again pay attention to the portion size and total caloric intake. The meat can be grilled, baked, broiled, etc.

Milk and Mixed Nuts

A simple glass of milk and handful of mixed nuts. Can't get much easier than this. Provides healthy fats, protein and some carbohydrates.

Peanutbutter Squares

Your classic peanutbutter sandwich cut into bite size pieces. Replaces the processed peanutbutter crackers.

String Cheese, Apple and Fresh Snap Grean Beans

Easy to go snack. All you need is cool place to store the food such as a fridge at work/school or a carry along cooler. You can replace the apple with a banana, kiwi, etc and the green beans with brocolli, cucumber, etc.

Handful of Mixed Nuts and Apple

Easy grab and go snack with tons of nutrition. You can substitute the mixed nuts with peanuts or almonds. You can also substitute the apple with a banana, orange, kiwi, etc.

Peanutbutter Toast and Milk

Quick and easy but still nutritious. Try Ezekiel Bread or any other sprouted grain bread (found in the organic freezer section) for a better quality bread. Also, the peanutbutter being natural is your best bet such as Teddies.

Super Oatmeal

An awesome twist to a classic breakfast. Adding the protein provides for a complete meal that will give you energy and help fuel your athletic body. You can increase the amount of oats and protein for more calories depending on your goals.

Veggie Omelet

This is a veggie omelet that you can manipulate and add your favorite veggies to (it doesn't have to be the veggies in the recipe, those are just some of my favorite). The apple and peanutbutter is optional but a great complement to the omelet. You can also add some salsa, spices or hot sauce to taste.

Turkey Sandwich and Green Beans

This is your classic turkey sandwich with a few twists. Use fresh spinach instead of lettuce for a more nutritious option and mustard for a condiment. You can choose your favorite kind of cheese and another style of mustard if desired (just watch out for lots of added sugar especially in honey mustard). Also you can add any other vegetables to your sandwich as desired. The green beans can also be fresh, they do not have to be canned.

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Fueling Your Athletic Body
The recipes found in this book will provide you with the needed nutrients to properly fuel your athletic, active and healthy body. You can manipulate serving sizes to better attain your goals (weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, maintenance,etc) as well as family versus individual servings.